How to Fix Identity Verification Failed on SASSA?

identity verification failed

SASSA is the official South African government body that issues grants in the country. Sometimes when you make any SASSA grant application, you may receive the notification ‘Identity Verification Failed’. This is similar to the SASSA status check failed response that you can get when checking your status online. 

Ideally, the notification was put in place to prevent cyber fraud. But if you become a victim, it basically means that SASSA was unable to match the details provided with what is in the Department of Home Affairs. If you made a mistake, then you can send an appeal for reconsideration via their website. Here, you can re-enter all your details as well as the reason for your appeal, and submit. You will then be required to wait a while as SASSA processes your resubmission. 

This article gives a detailed explanation on the SASSA identity verification process. 

What Does Identity Verification Failed Notification Mean?

SASSA is the government body in South Africa that is tasked with providing social security services such as grants for citizens who need it. For this body to carry out such as a sensitive responsibility and fund support, one of the key steps is to carry out an identity verification process for its beneficiaries. 

Usually, whenever you are applying for the SASSA grants, you are required to fill in your details such as phone number, ID number, and bank details. The end goal is to ensure that your application passes the SASSA means test. During this application process, if you happen to make any mistake in the details filled in, you will receive the notification ‘Identity Verification Failed’. What this means is that your application has failed the means test. You will not be able to receive any payment if that happens. 

One of the reasons that can cause you to receive this notification is that your name, surname, or ID number did not match with the one in the Home Affairs database. Unfortunately, identifying the exact reason can be quite problematic because of how confusing the troubleshooting process is.

How to Fix Identity Verification Failed Situation on SRD SASSA?

To solve this, you will be required to send an appeal for the reconsideration of your application. This time, however, it is vital that you fill in the correct details. To do so;

  • Visit their website at 
  • Re-enter your ID as well as your telephone number. 
  • Verify the OTP 
  • Resubmit all the details 
  • Select the month you are applying for
  • Select the reason for your appeal from the drop-down menu
  • Click on Submit

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What are the three methods of identity verification required during the SASSA grant application?  

There are 3 methods of identity verification that SASSA uses. These include biometric verification, digital ID document verification, and face recognition.

How long does SASSA verification take? 

The verification process does not have a time frame. Usually, the SASSA identity verification for banks take up to 7 working days. You must be patient while SASSA carries out the process.  


Receiving the Identity Verification Failed notification after submitting your grant application can be quite frustrating. Many do not know what the notification means, or how to go about it. Well, providing the wrong information is the main culprit. Thankfully, you still have the option to appeal, and ensure you fill in only the correct details. 

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  1. I can’t receive a message to Identity verification method I’ve been requesting it for days and Sassa didn’t get back to me….I didn’t even receive my grand and it’s been two months already

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