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The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, NSFAS, was founded for the sole purpose of providing financial aid to prospective students looking to further their education but do not have the financial capacity to do so. This scheme covers costs like registration fees and tuition fees for deserving students. If you have applied for the NSFAS funding, it is advisable to monitor your application process and status to keep you ahead of this. And if you are wondering how to go about it, this article comes in handy. 

NSFAS Status Check 

Thanks to technology, performing a status check for your MyNSFAS account is simple. You can find out whether you are eligible for funding or not by logging into your account. This is also important for students who are awaiting feedback regarding their application. To perform an NSFAS status check, here are the steps to follow. 

  • Log in to the application section of the official NSFAS website at https://my.nsfas.org.za 
  • Enter your username and password 
  • Click on Sign In
  • Search for Track Funding Progress and click on it. This way, you can check your current application status. If it reads Provisionally Approved, you can consult your school for further assistance. 

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What are the different NSFAS statuses during the Application process? 

During your NSFAS status check, you can expect any one of the following statuses. 

1. Approved: 

Meets funding criteria 

This means that your application has undergone an assessment and it meets the requirements for NSFAS funding. From here, you need to register at an approved institution and course to receive your funding.

Pending registration 

This means that your funding has been approved and you are required to register at an approved institution before the funding can be released. 

Funding confirmed 

This implies that your registration has been verified and funding is confirmed. You will be able to receive your payments soon. 

2. Further action required:

Incomplete application 

This indicates missing information or documents in your application. To complete your application and avoid delays, submit the missing information as soon as possible. 

Verification required 

It means that NSFAS needs to verify the information in your application. You need to be ready to respond to any requests for additional information. 

Appeal assessment 

This is if you had submitted an appeal against an earlier decision. You are required to wait for a notification on the outcome of the appeal. 

3. Not approved: 

Application declined 

Your application is declined due to ineligibility, missing information, or other reasons. 

Does not meet funding criteria 

This means that you did not meet financial or academic requirements and hence do not qualify for NSFAS funding. You can send an appeal if you have new information or an error may have been made. 

Additional statuses: 

On hold 

Your application may be put on hold because of pending verification or awaiting additional information. As soon as the hold is lifted, you will receive a notification.

Application withdrawn

This appears when you withdraw your application for NSFAS funding. 

Awaiting assessment 

Your application is currently being assessed by NSFAS. 

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What are the different NSFAS status codes?

NSFAS often uses status codes to update applicants on their progress. The common ones include: 

  • Application submitted—your application has been received and is in the NSFAS system. 
  • Filtering—NSFAS is verifying your eligibility 
  • Validation—NSFAS is cross-checking the details provided with third-party agencies 
  • Evaluation—assessment of the documents provided
  • Funding eligibility—review of your financial status 
  • Awaiting academic results—NSFAS is waiting for your admission confirmation or academic results 
  • Awaiting registration—NSFAS requires registration data from your institution  
  • Signing of agreement—you are required to sign the bursary agreement 
  • Payments—your allowances are being processed. 

How to check NSFAS status using ID number

You can also use your ID number to check your NSFAS status. To do so, 

  • Log into your MyNSFAS portal 
  • Enter your ID number and password 
  • Click on Sign in 
  • Select Track Funding Progress to see the status of your NSFAS funding. 

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How to check NSFAS Status using your reference number

If you have an NSFAS reference number, you can also use it to check your status. Here’s how. 

  • Access your MyNSFAS dashboard using your registered email and password. 
  • Enter your reference number. This is usually on your NSFAS application acknowledgment email. 
  • Verify your application status. You can check if it is approved, pending, or declined. 

How to check NSFAS status at UNISA

If you are planning to enroll at the University of South Africa, UNISA, and are applying for the NSFAS program, you can check your status by following the steps below. 

  • Navigate to the official UNISA website at https://www.unisa.ac.za/
  • Enter your login details and click on Submit. 
  • Once in the platform you can check your status on the site. 

UNISA students, however, do not get access to the NSFAS Wallet or mobile wallet. Instead, they receive their allowances via an Intellicard through the institution. 

How do I check myNSFAS status as a returning student? 

Returning students can still be considered for financial aid as long as they meet all the NSFAS financial and academic eligibility requirements. Usually, for returning students, the registration fee is part of the NSFAS package. They can also complete all their application online without having to visit an NSFAS office.

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When will my NSFAS Status change? 

NSFAS strives to process applications efficiently and within a reasonable duration. However, it is important to note that the time it takes for your status to change can vary. The factors that often affect the timeline include verification processes, system updates, and document checks. 

In most cases, you can expect a response regarding a change of status within a couple of days from the closing date of applications. You can give it a period of four to six weeks for any update to reflect on your status. If you do not receive any feedback from NSFAS, you can go ahead and check the status yourself. 

Will NSFAS fund me if I change institutions? 

Yes, NSFAS will still fund you if you decide to change institutions. However, it is important that you immediately notify NSFAS when you switch institutions to continue to receive funding. You are also required to check the institution’s eligibility—it should be NSFAS accredited. You can then go ahead and provide the updated documentation and details of your current education status. 

Why is my NSFAS Status blank? 

A blank NSFAS status can be a result of different reasons. For one, it could be that your application is still being processed. There could also be a technical issue or delay in the system or your documentation requires further review. 

Can NSFAS cancel my funding? 

Yes, NSFAS can rightfully cancel your funding under some circumstances. These circumstances include repeated failure to meet academic requirements, engaging in misconduct or violation of the NSFAS terms and conditions, and false or misleading information during the application process. 


It is important that you stay informed and keep monitoring your NSFAS status to ensure that you secure your educational funding. Patience is key as you wait for processing and final approval of your application. You can always contact NSFAS in case of any queries. 

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