UNISA Status Check 2024 – How to track UNISA application status? 

unisa status check

The University of South Africa is a great institution for higher learning with close to 500 000 enrolled students. Most of these students are on a part-time basis and it is this flexibility that attracts many to join the study program at Unisa. It especially caters to students who have full-time employment and hence will not be able to attend on-campus lectures regularly.

Prospective students looking to attain higher education at the University of South Africa are encouraged to apply for a spot in the school. If you are one such student, then it is important that you follow up on your application. This can be done by checking your status so you can stay informed and take any necessary actions.

If you are wondering how to check on your UNISA Status, then this is the article for you. It provides useful tips to navigate the application process. 

UNISA Status Check 

Thankfully, checking your unisa application status is a simple process and can be done online. 

  • Visit the UNISA website
  • Navigate to the application status page
  • Enter your student number and password that you registered with during the application process. This gives you access to your page and you can check the status of your application. 

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How can I track my UNISA application status? 

Monitoring your application status is advisable so you can stay informed and take the necessary actions. You can do so by following the steps below. 

  • Visit the UNISA website
  • Enter your student number 
  • Enter your name and surname 
  • Enter your date of birth 
  • Click on Continue 

Once you are successfully logged in, you can view your application status whether it is still being processed, accepted, or denied. 

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What do I do if my UNISA application is still pending? 

If upon checking your application you notice that it states still pending without any further information regarding the same, there are some steps you can take. 

Be patient 

More often, patience is key when it comes to university applications. The process tends to take some time, especially in the peak application periods. It is advisable to give the university enough time to thoroughly review your application. However, if it takes too long without any communication, then you can go ahead and contact the Unisa admissions office for an update on your status. They may be able to give you information on your application status and the reasons behind any delays. This applies to undergrad courses, postgrad, and master’s. 

Check your email regularly 

You can also keep checking your emails as Unisa may have sent an update or requests for additional information on your email regarding your application status. 

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Monitor your application status online 

Finally, you can keep checking your application status on the official UNISA website. It is possible that your status changed without sending you a notification. By frequently monitoring your application status online, you will be able to know of any such changes. 

What are the documents required for a UNISA application? 

Once prospective students deduce that they meet all the requirements to be accepted into UNISA, there are several documents they will need to submit to complete their application status. These include: 

  • Copy of school qualifications ie diploma, National Senior Certificate, etc. 
  • A copy of official tertiary academic records 
  • Copy of ID or passport for either South African citizens or international students. 
  • Copy of marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if applicable)

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What are the common reasons for application delays? 

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing delays in your application status. 

Missing or incomplete documentation 

This is one of the common reasons for a delay. It is important that you ensure all the required documents are in order, submitted, and filled out correctly when making the application. If you realize that you may have made a mistake or missed something, then you are required to contact the admissions office as soon as possible to resolve the issue. 

High volume of applications 

For a university like UNISA, there are usually peak application periods such as the start of a new semester. During these periods, the admissions office may be overwhelmed by the high volume of applications hence the longer processing times. In this case, you can only be patient. 

Technical issues 

Sometimes technical issues can also cause delays. These may manifest in the form of issues with the online application system or inability to access the student portal. If this happens, you can reach out to the Unisa IT support team for assistance. 


What is Unisa’s registration status? 

Once you have been accepted as a student at Unisa, you will be required to go through the registration process to complete your registration. It is also advisable to stay up to date with your registration status.

How do I know if my Unisa registration was successful? 

If you have previously registered with the university, you will receive an outcome of your application in your email. Hence, it is advisable to regularly check your email account for such updates.


Tracking the progress of your Unisa application is advisable as it keeps you informed and updated with any new information regarding your application status. Thankfully, the process has been made simple and can be done conveniently online.

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