SASSA Reconsideration Application and Status Check For 2024

sassa reconsideration process and status check

If you’ve faced the disappointment of a denied SASSA SRD grant, don’t lose hope. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides a reconsideration process that offers applicants a chance to rectify any misunderstandings or errors that led to the rejection.

Here’s how to apply for SASSA reconsideration: visit the SASSA site at, enter your ID and phone number, verify with a code sent to your phone, pick the month, explain why you deserve the grant, attach documents, and then submit.

In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the SASSA reconsideration application process, how to check your reconsideration status, and what to expect if your application is pending or approved.

SRD SASSA Reconsideration Application Process

You can apply for reconsideration of your declined SRD application online at the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) website. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the SASSA SRD Reconsideration webpage:
  2. You’ll be asked to enter your South African ID number and phone number.
  3. Once you enter this information, you’ll receive a one-time pin (OTP) on your phone for verification.
  4. After verifying your identity, you can proceed with the reconsideration application process. This may involve uploading any supporting documents that you believe strengthen your case.

In-Person: SASSA Reconsideration Application at a Local Office

You can also choose to apply for reconsideration in person by going directly to the SASSA office. Here’s how to apply for a reconsideration at the SASSA office:

Gather Essential Documents

Collect important papers like your first SASSA application, ID, proof of where you live, papers showing your income, and any extra documents that can support your case.

Find the Nearest SASSA Office

Discover where your closest SASSA office is and check when they’re open. Knowing their working hours will help you plan your visit.

Visit the SASSA Office

Go to the office during their open hours. Once there, fill out the reconsideration form. 

Attach Supporting Documents

Include all the papers you gathered with your form. This adds weight to your plea for reconsideration.

Get a Confirmation Receipt

After handing in your form and documents, they’ll give you a receipt as proof. Keep it safe.

Wait for Up to 90 Days

Now, all that’s left is to be patient. SASSA will take some time, up to 90 days, to look into your case and make a decision.

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What are the Requirements for Reconsideration Application?

Here are the requirements for reconsideration application you need to be aware of:

  • Applied for COVID-19 Grant Electronically

Confirm that you initiated the grant application through an online medium. 

  • Received SASSA Rejection Notification

If you got a message from SASSA saying your grant was rejected, you’re eligible to ask them to think again.

  • Disagreement with SASSA Decision

Before going further, be sure you don’t agree with SASSA’s rejection. If you genuinely believe you should get the grant, this is your chance to make your case.

  • Submit Reconsideration Request in Time

Act quickly. Send in your plea for reconsideration within 30 days of getting the rejection notice. The window closes after 90 days, so time is crucial.

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Essential Documents for Reconsideration Appeal:

Here are the documents you need to back up your reconsideration appeal:

  • Initial SASSA Application and Supportive Papers

Include the first application form and any papers you sent with it. This helps SASSA understand your situation from the beginning.

  • Copy of Grant Rejection Letter

Keep a copy of the letter from SASSA that says your grant is rejected. This document serves as evidence when asking for another look.

  • Detailed Letter Explaining Reasons

Write a letter that tells your story in detail. Explain why you think SASSA should reconsider. This is your chance to be heard.

  • Proof of Identity and Residence

Show who you are and where you live. Use official papers like your ID, birth certificate, or utility bill.

  • Medical Reports (If Applicable)

If health issues affect your case, include medical reports. This adds an integral layer to your plea.

  • Income and Expense Documents

Paint a picture of your financial situation. Include papers that show what you earn and how you spend. It helps SASSA understand your needs.

  • Bank Statements or Financial Records

Show SASSA your money trail. Share bank statements or financial records. This transparency can strengthen your reconsideration request.

By meeting these requirements and assembling the necessary documents, you present a comprehensive case for SASSA reconsideration and increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

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SASSA Reconsideration Status Check for SRD R370 Grant Application

Here’s how to check your SASSA reconsideration status:

SASSA Reconsideration Status Check Results

After checking your reconsideration status, here are the possible results you’re likely to see:

  • Approved: Your application gets a second look, and good news – it’s approved! Payments start from the month they give the thumbs up.
  • Declined: If they say no during reconsideration, it means the first decision sticks. Sadly, no grant payments will be coming your way.
  • Pending: Your case is still on the table. SASSA needs more time to decide, and you’ll get a heads-up once they make up their minds.
  • Additional Requests: SASSA might ask for more documents while checking your case. Be quick in responding to avoid slowing down your grant.

SASSA Reconsideration Approved Payday

If your reconsideration is a success, the day you get paid starts from the month they give the green light. It’s important to give them all the right information when applying to keep things smooth.

SASSA R350 Grant Application Rejection

Understanding why your initial SASSA grant application faced rejection is a key step in reclaiming your financial support. Here are the common reasons your SASSA grant application was rejected:

Incomplete Information

Sometimes, applications are turned down due to missing or incomplete details. It could be that certain sections of the form were left unanswered, or essential information was unknowingly omitted. Ensuring all sections are accurately filled out is necessary for a successful application.

Lack of Supporting Documents

SASSA often requires specific documents to validate the information provided in your application. If you fail to submit the necessary supporting documents, such as proof of income, residence, or identification, your application might be rejected. Double-check and attach all required documents to increase your chances of approval.

Administrative Errors

Human errors can occur during the data entry process. It’s possible that a mistake was made while inputting your details into the system. Such errors might include typos in your personal information or miscalculations that affected your eligibility. And led to an unjustified rejection.

Changes in Circumstances

 If your financial situation or personal details have changed since your initial application, failing to update this information could lead to a rejection. Changes such as a new job, residence, or marital status are important to communicate to SASSA to ensure the accuracy of your application.

Failure to Disclose Medical Condition or Disability

SASSA takes into account the health status of applicants. If you have a medical condition or disability that wasn’t disclosed in your initial application, this could lead to rejection. Being transparent about any health-related issues is crucial, as it allows SASSA to assess your eligibility accurately.

By addressing these common reasons for rejection, you increase the likelihood of a successful SASSA grant reconsideration.

What If My Reconsideration Application Is Declined? Appeal to ITSAA

If your reconsideration doesn’t go the way you hoped, don’t worry. You have the alternative to appeal to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). But make sure to reach out within 90 days after hearing the bad news.

My SASSA Reconsideration Got Approved, But When Will I Get Paid?

If your reconsideration is approved, but you don’t see a payment date yet, it’s a good idea to reach out to SASSA for more information. You can do this through their website, give them a call, or visit the nearest SASSA office. Checking with them ensures you know what’s happening with your payment.


Can I Appeal If My Reconsideration Request Is Declined?

Yes, if your reconsideration request is declined, you have the option to appeal the decision to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).

How Long Does It Take For SASSA To Make A Decision On Reconsideration?

SASSA may take 60 to 90 days to make a final decision on your reconsideration request, and the waiting time can vary based on factors such as the volume of requests and case complexity.

Can I Apply For Reconsideration Online And Offline?

Yes, this article provides steps for both online and offline application processes and offers flexibility for individuals to choose the method that suits them best.

What Should I Do If SASSA Requests Additional Documents During The Review?

Respond promptly if SASSA requests further documents during the review to avoid delays in the reconsideration process.

How Long Does It Take For SASSA To Reconsider My Application?

The process of reconsideration by SASSA can take around 90 days. But keep in mind that this period can change depending on how many applications they have, how complex your situation is, and the information you provide.


You can easily navigate the SASSA reconsideration application process when armed with the right information. Whether applying online or visiting a SASSA office, provide comprehensive details and supporting documents to strengthen your case. Stay patient during the waiting period and regularly check your application status for updates on your progress.

Reclaiming a denied SASSA grant might seem like a big task, but if you follow these steps, it’s doable. Keep it simple, share the right information, and check your status regularly. Your denied SASSA grant can turn into an approved one with a bit of patience and doing things the way they ask.

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