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UKZN Status Check

There are different periods of the school year where prospectus students get to make applications to join universities of their choice. In South Africa, one such university is the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, UKZN. If you are looking to attain your higher education at this university, then you are required to apply for admission. After that, it is advisable to monitor your application status online so you can stay connected and informed of any status changes. To check the application of your status, you can use your ID number or CAO number. This article gives more details on the same. 

UKZN Status Check

UKZN Status

Applying for admission to a university is a very crucial moment in the life of any student. Hence, it is imperative that one remains keen during the application process so they do not miss their shot. It is also advisable to follow up on the application so you do not miss any updates regarding your status. 

Institutions like the University of KwaZulu Natal have come up with convenient and efficient ways for applicants to check their application status. With their online website, you can view your application to see whether you were successful or not. If you are wondering how to go about it, no need to worry– Here is how you can check your UKZN application status. 

  • Visit the official UKZN website at This gives you access to the application status tracker page. 
  • Enter your details such as username, password, student number, and email for verification
  • Enter the required details and click on the Next button. You will be able to view your application status, which could be pending review, requires action, complete, etc. You will also be able to view the documents that have already been received and if more are required to complete your application. 

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How can I check my UKZN status for a late application?

If you applied late for admission to the University of KwaZulu for whatever reason, you can still check the status of your application. 

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What are the outcomes to expect on a UKZN status check? 

Once you have gone through the status check process, either one of the following messages will be displayed. 

Firm offer 

This means that your application was successful. You will have either one of the following options presented: 

  • Offer without funding
  • Offer without residence or funding 
  • Offer with residence 

Pending statuses 

This is the default status if your application is still under review and no decision has been reached yet. For this result, you can expect the following outcomes: 

  • Pending 
  • Waitlisted 
  • Awaiting academic records or other documentation
  • Referred for decision 

Regret status because 

This is another possible status outcome and means that your application has been rejected because of either one of the following reasons:

  • Programme is full 
  • You declined the offer 
  • You did not accept the offer within the specified period hence it has been withdrawn 
  • You did not meet the admissions eligibility criteria 

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How long does UKZN take to reply? 

Every year, UKZN receives thousands of student applications. This means that the verification process for each of these applications may take some time. You can expect to receive feedback from UKZN six to eight weeks from the closing date of applications. Hence, you can go ahead and check your application status online after this duration. 

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How do I know if I got accepted at UKZN? 

To confirm acceptance or otherwise, you can check your application status online. This is done by visiting their website, entering your CAO number, ID, or passport number, and then clicking on the Submit button. You will be able to know whether you have been accepted or not. 

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The process of checking your UKZN application status is simple. Being on the know of the additional information regarding the process is wise and saves applicants time and gives them a smooth application process. Hopefully, this article answers your questions on the same.

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