Why Is My SASSA Status Pending – How to Solve

sassa status pending

If you’ve recently applied for the SASSA R350 grant and found that your application status is ‘Pending,’ don’t worry – it’s a normal part of the process. So, why is your SASSA status pending? Your SASSA status is pending due to ongoing verification processes, where your information is checked against databases like SARS, UIF, and NSFAS, high application volumes, incomplete or inaccurate details, and occasional system delays can also contribute to the pending status. 

This phase is normal and signifies that your application is still under review. This guide will explain more why this happens and provide easy steps to help you understand and resolve this status pending issue.

What Does SASSA Status Pending Mean?

When your SASSA status reads “Pending,” it means that your application for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is currently in the review stage. This is a standard part of the application process, which indicates that SASSA has received your request but has not yet made a final decision, whether it’s approving or rejecting your application.

The ‘Pending’ status reflects that your application is undergoing a series of comprehensive checks and verifications. These include a thorough examination of your personal information by comparing it against various databases, such as the South African Revenue Services (SARS), Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), and National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Why Is My SASSA Status Pending?

When your SASSA application is marked as ‘Pending,’ it means that SASSA got your request but hasn’t made a final decision yet. This is a regular part of the process and shouldn’t stress you out.

Here are some reasons why your SASSA status is ‘Pending’:

  • Ongoing verification: SASSA looks at your details using databases like the South African Revenue Services (SARS), Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), and National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). to make sure you qualify and haven’t applied multiple times.
  • High Application Volume: Because many people are applying for the R350 grant, it takes time to process all the requests, leading to a ‘Pending’ status.
  • Mistakes in Your Application: If there are errors or missing information in your application, it can slow things down. It’s important to make sure your details are correct and complete.
  • Technical Issues: Sometimes, computer problems or updates can temporarily slow down the application process.

How to Resolve A ‘Pending’ SASSA Status

If your SASSA status is ‘Pending,’ here are some simple steps to help you:

  • Check Your Details: Make sure all the information you provide is correct, like your personal details and bank information.
  • Contact SASSA: Get in touch with SASSA through their customer service (0800 601011) to ask about your application. They can tell you if they need more information.
  • Send Documents Quickly: If SASSA asks for more documents, send them as soon as you can. This could include proof of who you are or where you live.
  • Check Online for Updates: Visit the SASSA website to see if there are any updates on your application. This is the best way to stay informed.
  • Be Patient: Even though you want answers quickly, sometimes things take time. Being patient is important, especially when a lot of people are applying.
  • Be Ready to Reapply: If your application isn’t approved, find out how to apply again for the next chance to get the grant.

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Why Is My SASSA Reconsideration Status Still Pending?

If your SASSA reconsideration status is still pending, it’s because of the need for further verification, a high volume of reconsideration requests or technical issues. It’s recommended to remain patient, and if possible, contact SASSA directly to inquire about the specific reasons for the delay and if any additional information is required.

How Long Does The Pending Status Take? 

The waiting period for a pending status varies but can take up to three months. However, this time frame is not fixed and may be shorter or longer depending on the specific circumstances.

What Happens After The Pending Status Is Resolved? 

Once the pending status is resolved, you may be asked to submit bank details. After entering this information, your application moves to the approved status, and you can expect to receive the grant payment.

What Should I Do If My Application Is Not Successful? 

 If your application is unsuccessful, stay informed about the reapplication process and deadlines for the next opportunity to apply for the grant.


Having a ‘Pending’ status on your SASSA R350 grant application is normal. By understanding why it happens and taking simple steps, you can make the process smoother. Remember to be patient, stay informed, and explore other support options while waiting for the grant.

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