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CAO Status Check

The Central Applications Office, CAO, is responsible for handling applications for courses in post-schooling education for universities in South Africa. It is an organization that processes applications for undergraduate courses for these universities and colleges. If you have applied to any institution of higher learning in SA, it is possible to check your application status via CAO. Since these applications are made online, you can also check your application status online. This will ensure you stay informed and connected for a smooth application process. This article is a guide on how you can go about your CAO status check through the CAO student portal. 

CAO Status Check 2024

Checking your application status via CAO is a simple process. This can be done through the CAO student portal online.

  • Navigate to the CAO portal at
  • Enter your identification number. This can be your CAO number, passport number, or ID number
  • Click on Submit. You can then be able to view your application status on the page. 

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What do different Statuses mean? 

CAO uses different terms to communicate with applicants on the progress the institution has made concerning their application. The application status updates include:

Waiting for a decision 

This means that the institution/school has yet to consider your application. 

Late application 

This is the default status that appears if your application was received after the closing date of the program. Late applications are dealt with differently depending on the institution. You can contact yours for further information. 

Awaiting results 

This means that the institution is waiting for more results such as the Final NSC results before making a decision. 

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Conditional offer 

This means that the institution will only accept you provided you meet the requirements. For instance, some programs may conduct an assessment test or an interview at registration. 

Firm offer 

This means that you have been accepted into the university/institution. 

Has not met programme ranking criteria 

This is the default status if you do not meet the criteria specific to the institution. You have the option of completing a Change of Mind Request form where you can change the programme ranking. 


This is usually from programmes with special selection procedures. The institutions will contact you with details on the date, time, and venue– you may have to follow up with the institution directly. 

Please supply academic record 

The institution requires a copy of your academic record from your previous or current study at the tertiary level. 

Please supply USaf/SAQA evaluation  

This means that the institution requires a USaf/SAQA evaluation of the foreign exam results you may have written. 

Programme closed 

This means that no further applications will be considered. 

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Refer to decision 

It implies that your application will undergo assessment before the status can change. 

Regret programme discontinued 

The institution has decided that it will no longer be offering a programme that was initially listed. In such cases, some institutions may advise on an alternative programme that you can apply for. 

Regret unsuccessful 

The institution has decided not to offer you a place based on their selection process. 

Short-listed, standby, and wait-listed 

The institution is still considering your application but is yet to decide whether they will be able to offer you a place. 

Unsuccessful following placement test/ interview 

The institution has decided not to offer you a place following the interview or the entrance test you wrote. 

How much is the CAO application fee in South Africa? 

The CAO application fee is R250 for South African citizens and R300 for international applicants. This is the fee when submitted on time. If your documents and forms reach CAO after the deadline, then a late fee applies. This means R470 for SA citizens, and R580 for international students. 

How can I access my CAO documents? 

Usually, CAO scans your documents electronically so they are available to view online. You can check your application on the My Application section of the website.

How do I know if CAO has received my documents? 

If you want an acknowledgment of receipt of your application documents from the CAO, then you are required to include a stamped addressed postcard or envelope that contains your application mailing. CAO will then return acknowledgment in this postcard upon receipt. 


Being able to view your CAO application status online is an efficient and convenient way to stay updated on the progress of your application. CAO offers a user-friendly student portal where all applicants can access any information regarding their application.

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