Is the R350 Grant Increased to R700?

is the r350 grant increased to r700

Is the R350 grant increased to R700? Recently, there’s been talk about the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. There’s a rumor that it has increased from R350 to R700. Is this true? I guess that’s why you’re here. Let’s dig into the facts to understand what’s going on.

Is R350 Grant Increased To R700?

A lot of people who depend on the R350 SRD grant got the idea that SASSA might bump it up to R700 this year. But here’s the thing – this information was only going around on social media and wasn’t officially confirmed by SASSA. So, it’s safe to say it’s not true.

Is R350 Grant Increased To R700: Why You Might Get R700

Although the official word is that the SRD grant stays at R350, there’s a catch. If you qualify for the grant and haven’t been paid for two months, you might get a lump sum of R700. That’s R350 for each of the two unpaid months.

Before you believe anything, especially on social media, it’s super important to check the facts. SASSA suggests reaching out to their SRD department for accurate details. They also warn about scammers who might try to get your details, so be cautious.

Will the SRD Grant Be Increased?

The SRD grant plays a crucial role in supporting over 8 million people in South Africa.  It’s there to help combat unemployment and support those who need financial assistance. But, there’s a hiccup – the government says they can’t increase the grant right now because they have other big expenses, like paying employee salaries, which take up about 60% of their budget.

What’s Next for the SRD Grant?

As of now, the government is saying no to increasing the grant. The SRD grant is set to end in March 2024, but there’s hope among beneficiaries that the government might think about extending it or even making it a permanent thing for those who qualify under new rules.


Will The R350 SRD Grant Double?

While there may be more than one payment in a month, the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant will not be doubled. Payments will be processed month by month, ensuring fairness and consistency without providing double amounts to any beneficiary.

Has SASSA Officially Announced an Increase in the SRD Grant to R700? 

No, SASSA has not officially announced any increase in the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant to R700. The speculation about such an increase is based on information circulating on social media and has not been confirmed by official sources.

Why Might a Beneficiary Receive R700 Instead of R350?

If a beneficiary qualifies for the SRD grant and has not received payment for two months, they might be eligible for a lump sum of R700. This is an accumulation of R350 for each of the two unpaid months.

Why Can’t The Government Increase the SRD Grant at the Moment?

The government speaks of financial constraints, with employee salaries constituting about 60% of their expenditures. These constraints make it challenging to allocate additional funds for an increase in the SRD grant.

Is The SRD Grant Set To Expire? 

Yes, the SRD grant is set to expire in March 2024. However, there is hope among beneficiaries that the government might consider extending the grant or making it permanent for qualifying applicants under new rules.


Even though the talk about the R350 grant being increased to R700 is not confirmed and is just floating around on social media, beneficiaries need to stay updated through official channels. The situation around the SRD grant is a bit tricky, and clear communication from SASSA and careful government considerations are needed for its future.

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