SASSA R350 Grant Errors and How to Fix

sassa r350 grant errors

All the grants that are administered by the SASSA body are an essential resource to many families in South Africa. It helps them navigate the current economic hurdles in one way or another. However, there are times when you may come across a few errors as a result of common mistakes made when applying for a grant. 

Usually, errors can be encountered during the submission of the application or related to the status of grant payment. the more you know about these errors, the easier it will be for you to avoid them when making an application. These errors come in the form of error messages and include application status pending, payment not received, invalid ID number, application rejected, and system unavailable. 

This article discusses some of the common SASSA R350 grant errors you are likely to encounter with your interaction with the website and application process. 

SASSA R350 Grant Errors and How to Fix

SASSA has proven to be an able body when it comes to managing and administering grants to qualified South African citizens. From the application to the disbursement of payment, SASSA carefully oversees several processes before the grant is finally issued. It is important to note that the grants are only issued to those who meet the eligibility criteria by the time submission of the application is done, as well as any monthly requirements.

During the application process, however, it is possible to encounter several errors. Here are some of the common ones and how to fix them. 

Application Status Pending 

Sometimes when checking the status of your SASSA R350 grant application, you may receive the notification ‘application status pending’. This often indicates that the application is being processed.

If that is the case, all you can do is stay patient as you wait for the application to be approved. You can count on SASSA to strive to ensure that the applications are processed as soon as possible. 

Payment not Received

There are many reasons why you may have not received your grant payment. If that happens, you should first ensure that you fill in the right banking information when applying for the grant. If any information you provided is wrong, you can contact SASSA to get it corrected.

Moreover, ensure that you selected a bank account on the payment method, and not money transfer. If you made such a mistake, you can request it to be changed by contacting SASSA. 

Application Rejected 

If your application is rejected, there are different reasons to blame. The common ones include submitting incomplete documentation or providing incorrect information. A fix for this error is to review the rejection notice and take the necessary steps to rectify the problem. If the rejection was erroneous, you can appeal the decision. 

Invalid ID Number 

If you get this error message whenever you attempt to apply for the R350 grant, it should prompt you to double-check that you entered the correct ID number. Check for any mistakes or missing numbers. If this error persists, contact the SASSA hotline. 

System Unavailable 

Sometimes, the SASSA website may undergo some technical issues. This brings about the Service unavailable error. If you encounter this, you can try to access the page later. Oftentimes, SASSA is aware of the concerns and is already working towards improving the system’s stability.

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Under what circumstances does SASSA stop sending monthly payments? 

One thing every SASSA grant beneficiary needs to know is that receiving a grant payment monthly does not mean that you will keep receiving payments forever. If at any point SASSA determines that a beneficiary is not meeting one or more eligibility requirements for a month, the payments will be declined. 


Many South Africans can attest to how helpful the SRD grant has been to them. While it is possible to come across these errors, you need to have patience and take the right steps to fix them. You can always contact SASSA for any inquiries or assistance if you face any other problems during application or payment. 

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