What Does A Referred SASSA Status Mean?

sassa referred status

You applied for the SRD grant, and now you see your SASSA application status saying ‘Referred.’ What does that mean, and what should you do? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Your SASSA status is referred due to: matching ID records in other databases, incomplete or incorrect application documents, lack of valid email or phone number, reported lost card or unauthorized access, and submission of multiple applications.

This article will explain in detail why your SASSA status was referred to and how to resolve the issue. Let’s delve in!

What Does A Referred SASSA Status Mean?

If your SASSA application is marked ‘Referred,’ don’t panic. It just means your application got randomly picked for a closer look to ensure proper internal verification and quality assurance. Think of it like SASSA hitting a pause button on your application, not because something’s wrong, but to double-check everything. They want to make sure the grant goes to the right people and, importantly, to prevent fraud within the grant system

Reasons Why Your SASSA Status is Referred

SASSA diligently reviews each application over 90 days. This time frame allows for a thorough examination of the applicant’s financial information to determine eligibility for the grant. During this period, various factors may lead to an application being marked as “referred. 

The reasons why your SASSA status is referred are:

  • ID Document Matching: Your ID number and name undergo scrutiny against databases such as NSFAS, SARS, UIF, and other government institutions in South Africa. If a match is found, your application status is marked as ‘referred.’
  • Documentation Issues: Incomplete or incorrect documents in your application can lead to a ‘Referred’ status. SASSA notifies applicants to update their applications with the correct information to complete the documentation process.
  • Missing Contact Information: A missing email address or phone number in your application triggers a referral status. Ensure your contact details are accurate to make communication easier.
  • Suspected Fraud Activity: Have you reported something unusual, like a lost SASSA card or suspicious activity? SASSA takes that seriously and might need to check things out, leading to a ‘Referred’ status. SASSA conducts thorough investigations until suspicions are cleared.
  • Duplicate Applications: If you applied multiple times for the same or different grants, SASSA will mark your SASSA status ‘Referred.’ They want to keep things fair and reject extra applications.

What Can I Do If My SASSA Status Is Referred

If you discover that your SASSA status is referred, don’t wait. Contact SASSA ASAP. You can call them toll-free at 0800 60 10 11 or drop a message on WhatsApp at 0820 468 553. They’ll ask for your ID number, and phone number, along with your Application ID to clarify details and address any doubts.

For those who have lost their SASSA reference number, immediate assistance is available from SASSA to retrieve the unique reference number tied to their application.


How Long Does SASSA Take To Review a Referred Application?

SASSA reviews each referred application over 90 days to carefully assess the financial information and determine the grant eligibility of the applicant.

Can Missing Or Incorrect Documents Be Corrected After a ‘Referred’ SASSA Status?

Yes, if your application is referred due to document issues, SASSA will notify you, and you can update your application with the correct information.

What Can I Do If I Forgot My SASSA Reference Number?

If you forgot your SAASA reference number, you can retrieve it through the USSD Helpline Number by dialing 1203210# on your cell phone. Submit the number associated with your grant application. The USSD helpline will process your request immediately. You will receive a detailed instruction manual, including your SASSA Reference Number.

How Do I Get An SASSA Reference Number?

Begin the process by sending a message ‘SASSA’ to 082 046 8553 via WhatsApp. Respond to the subsequent prompt by typing ‘status’ and confirming with ‘yes.’ Follow the instructions provided in the WhatsApp prompts. Your SASSA Reference Number will be delivered in response to your current month’s grant status.


Understanding the reasons why your SASSA status is referred will help you to navigate the SASSA system effectively. When you address documentation issues, ensure accurate contact information, and respond to suspicions of fraud, you increase the likelihood of your applications being reconsidered and approved.

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