SAPS Recruitment 2024 – How to Apply

saps recruitment

The South African Police Service, popularly known as SAPS, has started its 2024/25 recruitment process where a total of 10000 youth between the ages of 18 and 35 will undergo training to prepare them to serve in the police department of South Africa.

Those interested can access application forms via the website under the police trainees section. And not only in the police department, SAPS has plenty of other job vacancies in different departments looking for applicants. For more information on this, read on. 

SAPS Recruitment 2024

The recruitment of individuals by SAPS for the cohort 2024/25 has begun. Currently, there are 9000 trainees in the academies all over the country. SAPS is looking for an additional 1000 to be enlisted for the training in 2024. The Service is looking for patriotic citizens who are ready and willing to protect and serve the country by pursuing a career as entry police trainees.

As preparation, SAPS has embarked on the recruitment process for these individuals. Moreover, it has released the vacancies available for various posts with the aim of hiring devout individuals to different departments. 

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What are the basic requirements for enlistment? 

Any disciplined, upright, and passionate candidate who is ready to serve and protect the community can apply for the SAPS recruitment. However, they should fulfill the following basic requirements: 

  • One should be a South African citizen 
  • Should have a matrix certificate 
  • Have no criminal record

How do I apply for SAPS vacancies? 

To apply for any SAPS vacancies, here is the guide to follow: 

Visit the official South African Police Service website at This is the first step for registration. The official website provides all the information regarding the current SAPS vacancies 2024, application forms, and guidelines. 

Navigate to the Vacancies section. On the website, locate the list of available vacancies or the SAPS careers section. Here, you will find the whole list of currently available job openings within the department. 

Review the available vacancies. You can browse through the available vacancies to find the right position that matches your qualifications, skills, and interests. Each of the listed vacancies will include important details such as the job title, requirements, and closing date for the application. 

Download the SAPS application form or apply online. The application process may require you to download the application form. Alternatively, you can apply online for some vacancies directly through the website. 

Complete the application form. Ensure that you fill in all the details required on the application form correctly and accurately. Moreover, ensure that you provide all the necessary documentation and that you meet the specified criteria. 

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Attach supporting documents. Alongside the SAPS application form, you may have to include certain supporting documents like a CV, identity documents, certified copies of qualifications, and other related documents as required. 

Submit your SAPS application. Once you are done, you can submit your completed application form and supporting documents before the deadline. This can be done online through the application portal or physically by mailing the documents to the designated address. 

Keep a copy of your application. This is not compulsory, but it is advisable that you retain a copy of your application form as well as supporting documents. This comes in handy as a reference in case of an interview. 

Monitor your SAPS application status. Once you are all done and successfully submitted your documents, you can always monitor the status of your application. Some departments provide an online system that allows you to do that. 

Prepare for SAPS recruitment interviews. A successful application will call for an interview. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare for this by researching details about the department, understanding your job requirements, and explaining how your skills align with the required position. 

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The South African government takes police training very seriously. It is undertaken to ensure more boots on the ground in an effort to maximize the manpower in combatting crime in the country. Hence, it carries out annual recruitment through SAPS to train more men and women in blue. And the 2024 SAPS recruitment is ongoing—do not miss out. 

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