SASSA R350 Grant for Asylum Seekers 2024

sassa r350 grant for asylum seekers

For Asylum seekers or refugees in any country, it is often difficult to know what social services one is qualified for or can receive. Hence, the asylum seekers in South Africa may not be too sure whether they are eligible for the R350 grand offered by SASSA. 

Well, asylum seekers are also eligible for the R350 grant. Just like any other applicant, they should be able to satisfy the eligibility criteria. An additional condition is that they should be able to prove their status, whether an asylum seeker or refugee with a special permit. And not only the R350 grant, they can also apply for other SASSA grants as long as they meet all requirements. 

This article gives a detailed explanation on the same. 

Can Asylum Seekers Apply for the R350 Grant?

The SRD grant, popularly known as R350 grant, was launched in 2020 just after the Covid-19 pandemic to help curb the adverse effects in its wake such as job losses. This grant is still being disbursed to date and is even refined to a wider grant. One common question is whether asylum seekers can also apply for the grant.

Well, the good news for the asylum seekers is that they too can apply for the SRD grant. They are still subjected to the same eligibility criteria, hence, if they can meet the criteria specific to them, then they are good to go. For instance, the asylum seeker is required to have a recognized refugee status or valid asylum seeker permit. Also, they are required to meet all other requirements for the R350 grant

The process of application is somewhat similar to any other South African citizen. The main dissimilarity was that asylum seekers could not make an online application, as a South African ID is required for this. Thankfully, the website has been updated to ensure inclusivity with the addition of the ‘asylum seekers and those with special permits’ option. If you are still unable to complete your online grant application, you can always visit any SASSA office near you and apply in person. You will be required to prove your status—whether you are a refugee with a special permit or an asylum seeker. 

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What Other SASSA Grants Can Asylum Seekers Apply For?

Besides the SRD grant, asylum seekers are also eligible for the other standard SASSA grants. For one, if the asylum seeker has children that are under the age of 18 residing in South Africa, they can apply for the child support grant once they meet the requirements. If with disabilities that can keep them from working or earning a stable income, then they can apply for the SASSA disability grant.

Moreover, asylum seekers over the age of 60, having met the income requirements, are eligible for the SASSA older persons grant. If they foster a child as an asylum seeker, the foster child grant is also available for them. 


How to check asylum seeker SRD status? 

In as much as an asylum seeker or refugee is unable to make an online application, it is possible to check the status of the grant online. This is available on the SRD Grant website where you will be required to fill in the details. Alternatively, there is an official SASSA toll-free helpline that you can contact or visit their offices. Once your application is approved (or declined), you will receive an email or SMS. Still, it is advisable to patiently and carefully keep track of the process as it could take a while for the application to be finalized. 


Asylum seekers in South Africa need not worry about being ineligible for the SRD grant. They can apply for that and many other grants as long as they satisfy the requirements. Once they have fulfilled all requirements, they can track the process of their application and check the status any time. 

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