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sassa otp code

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) employs an additional layer of security for its payment systems through the use of One Time Pins (OTPs). This unique verification code, valid for less than 15 minutes, plays a crucial role in safeguarding client information and ensuring that funds reach the rightful account holder.

When you want to change the phone number for your SRD grant and you’re not sure how to get the OTP code, we’re here to help. We’ll guide you to easily get your verification SASSA OTP code for the R350 grant or any other social grants account. All the details you need to know about the SASSA OTP code will be uncovered in this article too.

What Is The SASSA OTP Code?

The SASSA OTP Code is a unique, digitally generated pin assigned to all applicants. It serves to verify client identities and confirm requests for changes in personal data, residency information, or bank account details.

When Will I Get A SASSA OTP Code?

SASSA sends OTPs only when you ask for them. Sometimes, beneficiaries might get more than one OTP without SASSA intending it. This might worry applicants, but there’s usually no need for concern. Multiple OTPs might happen due to a mistake in the system.

However, applicants need to know that not every case of receiving extra OTPs indicates a system problem. It could be someone trying to access their SASSA SRD grant account without permission.

In such situations, it’s crucial to act quickly and wisely. Delete any unrequested OTPs immediately and don’t share them. This helps protect against online fraud and unauthorized access.

How Do I Get SASSA OTP Code

Receiving your SRD SASSA OTP code directly from the agency is a straightforward process, far simpler than seeking it through a third party. Here is a detailed guide to get your SASSA OTP code:

  • First save SASSA’s WhatsApp number, 082 046 8553, in your phone contacts.
  • Begin by sending a friendly greeting (“hi”) 
  • Respond with ‘Help’ upon getting a response.
  • Proceed by sending the message “SASSA 4.”
  • Directly reply to the agency with “SASSA OTP.”
  • Provide the reference number received initially, as it is important for processing your application.
  • Navigate through all the prompts provided to successfully retrieve your OTP.

Can I Get the SASSA OTP Code Online?

Yes, you can retrieve it online while using the SASSA official site. Follow these steps if you’re applying online through the SRD website:

  • Access the official SRD website:
  • Enter your mobile number and identification details accurately.
  • Click the “Send SMS” button and patiently wait for a response.
  • Your six-digit OTP will be sent to the phone number you provided.

Once you have the OTP, your grant application can proceed. If you encounter issues, contact SASSA via WhatsApp, email (, or the official website.

How Long Will It Take To Get My SASSA R350 OTP Code?

It might take a few days for SASSA to issue the OTP for the R350 social grant. Delays can occur in SMS delivery, normally not lasting more than a day. Due to technicalities, the OTP may not reach the applicant’s phone number immediately, but prolonged delays are rare.

Remember, once you have your SASSA OTP, input it where originally required. This process ensures the verification of your mobile phone number or email address and ensures the security of the application and grant issuance.

I Can’t Receive My SASSA OTP Code. What Do I Do?

Error Message “SASSA OTP Code Not Received”

If you’ve tried the wrong OTP multiple times, you’ll see an ‘invalid token’ error, meaning it was already requested in the last 24 hours.

Encountering issues with not getting your SASSA OTP code can be worrying, but you can take steps to fix this. If you face a situation where the OTP hasn’t arrived or if you think your SASSA OTP expired, here’s what you should do:

  • To resolve this, wait for a day before asking for a new OTP code.
  • Make sure your phone is in a stable location with a good network to quickly receive the OTP.
  • Confirm that you’ve entered the right cell phone number linked to your SASSA account.
  • If you still haven’t received the OTP after waiting for 24 hours, contact SASSA to sort out the issue.

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Contacting SASSA for OTP Code:

  • Dial the Toll-Free Call Centre Number: 0800 60 10 11 for help.
  • Send an email to SASSA at for further assistance.
  • Reach out through SASSA’s WhatsApp Number: 082 046 8553 to communicate and resolve the issue.

Important Notice:

  • Always remember not to share your OTP code with anyone to keep your account secure.
  • SASSA now sends OTPs to both your email and phone numbers, making the process more secure, especially during cell phone service issues.
  • If you didn’t provide your email during your grant application, your cellphone number remains the main way to get verification OTPs.
  • By following these steps and reaching out to SASSA through the provided channels, you can fix issues related to not getting your OTP. Keep in mind the security measures mentioned to safeguard your personal information and grant application.

Is SASSA OTP Code Needed for Grant Withdrawal?

Yes, before you can withdraw funds from the SRD grant, you’ll obtain a one-time PIN (OTP) from SASSA. 

Beneficiaries are strongly advised to enter accurate details during the grant application. The OTP is sent to the registered cellphone number


Can The OTP Be Sent To Both Email And Phone Numbers?

Yes, SASSA now sends OTPs to both email and phone numbers to enhance security and accessibility. 

Can I Request A New OTP If The First One Expires Or If I Didn’t Receive It?

Yes, if the OTP expires or is not received, beneficiaries can wait for 24 hours and request a new OTP by following the provided steps.

Can I Receive The OTP Through Email If I Didn’t Provide An Email During The Application?

No, email OTPs are sent only if an email was provided during the application. The cellphone number remains the primary source for OTPs if no email is provided.

Can A Beneficiary Change Their Registered Cellphone Number For OTPs?

If there’s a need to change the registered cellphone number, beneficiaries should contact SASSA to update their information Read up to know how to change your phone number.


To sum up, the SASSA OTP Code is really important for keeping your information safe and making sure the right person gets the money. Beneficiaries must know how to get and use the OTP to work with the SASSA system well. By following the steps we’ve talked about and being careful about possible problems, people can make sure their accounts are secure and get the social relief they need.

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