How to Change Banking Details SASSA R350 without Phone Number?

How to change Banking details SASSA R350 without Phone Number

Poverty and unemployment has been rampant issues in South Africa. Thankfully, the government has taken this in stride and offer various financial grants to assist its citizens.

The SASSA R350 is one such grant that was introduced to alleviate the negative financial effects in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. This involves an application process, eligibility, and payment methods to finally access your grant.

However, one of the most common problems affecting SASSA grant beneficiaries is updating their banking details. This article aims to provide SASSA beneficiaries with information on how they can go about updating their banking details and answer other related questions. 

How to Change the Banking details of SASSA R350 without Phone Number? 

SASSA is the South African government agency that is responsible for offering grants to different categories of citizens for survival. Most of the beneficiaries receive their R350 grant through their bank accounts. When you change your bank account, you are required to update your banking details. Unfortunately, many people experience difficulties in updating their banking details. Here’s how you can go about it. 

  • Visit the official SASSA website at 
  • Locate the ‘how to change my banking details’ option. After clicking on this, you will be required to input your ID number. 
  • Fill in your ID number at the required field, and counter check for accuracy. You will then receive an SMS to the registered phone number. 
  • Open the SMS and follow the instructions. These will guide you to changing your banking details. 
  • Enter your new banking details ie. Bank account number, branch code, and account holder name.
  • Verify all the information you have provided, and then click on Submit or Update. The system will automatically send a confirmation message that your banking details have been updated successfully. 

When doing so, ensure that you note some important facts so you can receive the financial aid. For one, updating your payment details to another’s person’s bank account will cause you not to receive the aid due to security issues. Also, SASSA has privacy policies that state that aid will not be provided for people who mention other bank accounts. Worth noting is that it may take a few weeks for your new banking details to be updated, hence, ensure that you plan accordingly so that your payments are not delayed.

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How to Change Banking details by Call or Physically? 

It is also possible to change your banking details via call or physically. To do so:

  • Visit the nearest SASSA office or call their toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11 and request for a SASSA 13 form. 
  • Complete this form by providing all your personal details as well as the new banking details. Ensure that you fill all the required information correctly. 
  • Once done, attach a copy of your certified ID and proof of the new banking details like a letter from the bank or bank statement. 
  • Submit this completed form and supporting documents to the nearest SASSA office. 
  • Once your banking details are updated, you will receive a notification via an SMS or post. 

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SASSA Status Check Banking Details 

It is important that you run a SASSA status to ensure that your details are correctly updated so you can receive your payment without any issues. To check your SASSA status, you will be required to submit your phone number and ID number on the official SASSA website. These are always the identifiers for grant payments even after changing your banking details. The bank details will be linked to your account with your ID number on file. 

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The SASSA funding is aimed at helping deserving South African citizens who are suffering from poverty, hunger, and joblessness. It offers money in form of grants either monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Once you have successfully applied for the grant, there may be an instance where you need to update your banking details. We hope that this article has been helpful in shedding some light on how to successfully change or update your banking details on your SASSA account.

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