How to Reverse eWallet on FnB Cellphone Banking

 How to Reverse eWallet on FnB Cellphone Banking

The FNB eWallet is a service provided to South Africans that allows them to make instant money transactions. One of the tasks you can perform is to transfer money from your bank account to registered phone numbers across the country. However, making an erroneous transaction where you send money to the wrong recipient is possible. Thankfully, it is possible to reverse the eWallet payment in such a situation. This article takes you through how to reverse eWallet on FNB banking. Dive in. 

How to reverse eWallet on FNB cellphone banking 

The FNB eWallet service has made money transactions much easier, faster, and convenient for South Africans. You can send and withdraw money at any of the FNB ATMs in the country. One common mistake in such transactions is sending money to the wrong recipient. If that happens, you may be relieved to know that it is possible to reverse the payment. Moreover, it is a straightforward process that will save you time and money. Below are some of the ways to go about it. 

Contact the FNB eWallet helpline. 

An erroneous transaction on the FNB eWallet should not worry you. To reverse the payment:

  • Contact FNB customer care and request a reversal. You can do so via their telephone number at 087 575 9405 (charges may apply), email address at, or customer care desk at 087 575 0362/ 087 575 0000. Even with the different options, it is important to note that you are likely to receive a faster response via call compared to sending an email. 

Use the reversal USSD code 

You can also request the reversal using FNB’s eWallet USSD code. 

  • On your mobile phone, dial *120*321#
  • Choose option 4 (Send Money)
  • Next, choose option 5 (eWallet Reversal)
  • Choose the transaction you wish to reverse and then follow the prompts to complete the process. 

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Use the FNB app 

An even more convenient method of reversing eWallet payment is using the FNB app. 

  • Log into the FNB app
  • Click on your debit order account 
  • Click on My Debit Orders. The system will display a list of your recent debit orders. 
  • Select your reason for the reversal. 
  • Click on Stop or Reverse 
  • Select Confirm to accept the terms and conditions. 

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What are the important things to note when reversing eWallet transactions? 

One of the important things to note is that you will be charged R50 to get back the money you sent erroneously. Moreover, FNB does not guarantee that it will reverse your money since the situations may differ. Therefore, all customers are advised to be keen and double-check their mobile number and bank account details before sending any money to avoid such costly errors. The duration for reversal may also vary depending on the circumstances under which the transaction was made. For instance, if you send money to the wrong person and contact FNB customer care, the reversal process will take approximately four business days before reflecting on your end. If the recipient’s number is inactive, the money can be sent within 15 business days. 

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Once you realize that you sent money to the wrong person, you are expected to be stressed out. But that does not always mean that you have lost your money. With the FNB eWallet, you can reverse the transaction in easy steps. Still, clients are advised to avoid making any transaction errors due to the costs associated with reversal.

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