Is SRD Grant Increased to R624: New Eligibility Threshold-R624

is srd grant increased to r624

Is SRD Grant Increased To R624? You may have stumbled upon this rumor somewhere. In recent times,  I discovered that there has been confusion surrounding the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant in South Africa, particularly about the eligibility threshold and the actual payment amount. I must differentiate between the two to provide clear information to the public.

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Is SRD Grant Increased to R624: New Eligibility Threshold—R624

In 2022, the Department of Social Development responded to concerns raised by civil society organizations, including the Black Sash represented by the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS). The crux of the matter was the “unfair” and “arbitrary” regulations that excluded millions of beneficiaries from receiving the SRD grant.

The outcome of this legal challenge led to a crucial change—the threshold for eligibility was increased to R624. This means that if you have income flows of R624 or less into your bank account from other sources, you can now qualify for the SRD grant.

Is SRD Increased to R624: SRD Grant Eligibility Threshold vs Actual Payment Amount

However, it seems there’s been a bit of a mix-up. Some individuals have mistakenly interpreted the eligibility threshold of R624 as the actual amount given through the SRD grant.  It’s necessary I set the record straight— the SRD grant itself hasn’t increased to R624. The eligibility threshold and the grant amount are two different things.

Is SRD Increased to R624?

No, the SRD hasn’t increased to R624. Contrary to rumors flying around online, the SRD grant is still at R350 per month. The government has made it clear that there’s been no increase to R624, as some were supposing. Finance Minister Enoch Godongwa did announce a 5% increase in various grants during the 2023/2024 budget speech, but the SRD grant wasn’t part of that increase.

The Department of Social Development did try to get an increase for the SRD grant, but it didn’t go through because of financial constraints. The government is facing challenges in allocating extra funds for these increases.

Even though the SRD grant hasn’t increased, the government is committed to a 5% increase in various grants to tackle inflation. Old age and child grants, making up about 70% of all government social grant funds, have already seen this increase.

For everyone relying on these grants, it’s necessary to stay informed from reliable sources and be cautious about misleading information. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has warned against believing claims of an increase to the R350 grant and advised beneficiaries not to share their grant details with anyone.


Has The SRD R350 Grant Been Increased to R624? 

No, there has been no increase in the actual Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant amount to R624. The eligibility threshold was raised to R624, but the grant payment remains at R350.

Why Was The Eligibility Threshold Increased to R624?

The Department of Social Development raised the eligibility threshold in response to legal challenges, making it more inclusive for individuals with income flows of R624 or below to qualify for the SRD grant.

Will The SRD Grant Increase Later in 2024?

As of current information, there is no official indication of an increase in the SRD grant for the year 2024. Any claims suggesting otherwise should be verified through official channels.

How Can Beneficiaries Verify Information Regarding the SRD Grant? 

Beneficiaries are encouraged to verify information through official SASSA communications, government websites, or authorized channels. Relying on official sources helps avoid confusion caused by false claims.

Is it Safe to Share Personal Information Regarding the SRD Grant Online? 

SASSA warns against sharing grant details online and advises beneficiaries to exercise caution to prevent falling victim to potential scams. Personal information should only be provided through official and secure channels.


It is important to differentiate between the eligibility threshold and the actual payment amount. The SRD grant hasn’t increased to R624. The government’s commitment to supporting vulnerable populations through social grants remains steadfast, but as of now, the SRD grant stands at the R350 level.

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