How to Check Capitec Balance with Another Number?

How to check Capitec balance with another number

Capitec is one of the largest reputable retail banks in South Africa. It is known for offering simple, low-cost banking solutions to its customers. Consequently, it is the go-to for many of the South African citizens. If you are wondering how to check your Capitec balance, there are several convenient ways. One of them is using their mobile app specially tailored with features for functionality. However, this may not be an option for some, and checking their Balance becomes difficult. This article addresses this by highlighting how to check your Capitec balance with another number and explore other alternatives. Read on. 

How to Check Capitec Balance with Another Number

There are thousands of Capitec customers in South Africa. It offers customer-friendly banking solutions that allow its customers to stay in control of their finances. For instance, there are several ways to check your Capitec account balance. You can choose whichever works best for you. 

With Capitec app

Capitec has a dedicated mobile app that allows you to check your Balance conveniently. This app is available for download onto your smartphone and is easy to use. You can check your Balance, among other services provided on the app. To get the banking app,

  • Visit the nearest Capitec bank branch for phone verification 
  • You will then receive an SMS to download the app
  • Download it, install it, and activate it on your phone 
  • Enter your PIN. You are now ready to bank on your phone. 

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Via Whatsapp 

Like the app, this option is available for those who can access a smartphone. You can conveniently check your Capitec balance by sending a message to their verified WhatsApp number on 067 418 9565. You will get help from their agents, and you can make any inquiries, such as getting product information, tracking your logged queries, switching your debit and salary orders, and viewing your Balance. This option is available any time of day. 


Only a few people may have access to a smartphone and, therefore, cannot check their Balance via the app. Thankfully, there is an ATM option. This option is available for all Capitec customers.

  • Visit the nearest Capitec ATM and insert your card
  • Enter your PIN 
  • From the menu options, choose Balance. Your balance details will be displayed on the screen. You will not be charged for using this method. 

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Another convenient alternative for those who cannot access an ATM is using the USSD code from their mobile phones. 

  • Dial the USSD code, *120*3279#, on your mobile phone
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. You will be required to input your ID number and account PIN
  • Your Balance will be displayed on the screen. There is also no charge for checking your Balance using this method.

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Visit a Capitec bank branch.

  • You can also visit the bank physically and speak to the consultant. Here, you can request a printout of your Balance.


Above are the methods you can choose to check your Capitec balance. It is recommended that you do so regularly to monitor your transactions and ensure there are no errors or unauthorized charges. This will help you stay informed about your account balance and manage your finances effectively.

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