SASSA Grants Get 5% Increase – New Payment Dates for March

sassa grants get 5% increase - new payment dates for march

Good news for South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant recipients! Starting in March 2024,  SASSA grants will increase by 5%, offering some welcome relief from rising inflation. Also, SASSA released the official March payment dates for various grant categories, including old age, disability, and children’s grants. This ensures timely access to crucial financial support.  Let’s delve deeper into these developments and their implications for grant recipients.

SASSA Grants Get 5% Increase

Starting March 2024, eligible citizens will experience a 5% rise in benefits, designed to help them tackle the challenges posed by inflation and maintain their purchasing power. Recipients will receive their payments through direct deposit. To ensure a seamless payment process, applicants are urged to verify their eligibility, submit applications online at, and stay abreast of the payment dates corresponding to their specific grant category.

How Much Will Recipients Now Receive With The 5% Increase? 

Recipients will now receive R510, which reflects the standard payment amount after the 5% boost. This showcases SASSA’s commitment to supporting vulnerable South Africans during times of economic uncertainty.

Who Will Benefit From The 5% Increase in SASSA Grants?

The increase applies to a wide range of SASSA grants, including:

  • Old Age Grants: Supporting pensioners over 60 years old.
  • Disability Grants: Assisting individuals with disabilities.
  • Children’s Grants: Providing support for dependent children under 18.
  • Foster Child Grants: Helping caregivers raise children not their own.
  • Care Dependency Grants: Offering assistance to individuals requiring full-time care.
  • War Veteran’s Grants: Supporting South African war veterans.

What are the SASSA Grant New Payment Dates for March?

SASSA released the specific payment dates for each grant category, ensuring recipients know exactly when to expect their funds. These dates typically fall between the 23rd and 29th of March. However, for some specific grants like the Foster Child Grant, Care Dependency Grant, and War Veteran’s Grant, payments occur on the 6th of March.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for SASSA Grants?

To be eligible for SASSA grants, applicants must meet specific criteria related to age, disability, or serving as the primary caregiver for a child. Beneficiaries are encouraged to stay informed about their payment status by visiting the SASSA website or reaching out to their local SASSA office.

How Is SASSA Addressing the Impact of Inflation On Recipients?

The 5% increase in benefits is a strategic move by SASSA to empower recipients in navigating the impact of inflation on their financial well-being. Recognizing the economic challenges faced by citizens, SASSA is not only increasing the standard benefit but is also working on enhancing the R350 grant, offering additional support to those facing financial hardships.

What’s the Significance of The 5% Increase on SASSA Grants for March 2024?

While the 5% increase is positive, it’s important to note that inflation remains higher. This means the purchasing power of grant recipients still faces some erosion. Also, concerns persist regarding:

  • Long-term sustainability: Can the government maintain regular grant increases amidst budget constraints?
  • Adequacy of support: Is the current grant amount sufficient to meet basic needs in the long run?
  • Eligibility and access: Are challenges related to application processes and exclusions adequately addressed?

How Should Eligible Citizens Plan Their Finances for the March 2024 SASSA Grant Payments?

As the SASSA grant payment dates approach in March 2024, eligible citizens are advised to strategically plan their finances. Staying informed about the 5% increase and the improved R350 grant is crucial for navigating these challenging times. Effective planning and utilizing available resources will contribute to a more secure financial future for SASSA grant recipients.

Will SASSA Continue Its Commitment To Supporting Citizens in Need Beyond March 2024?

SASSA’s commitment goes beyond March 2024, with ongoing efforts to provide vital financial assistance to those in need.  The 5% increase and new payment dates offer immediate relief for SASSA grant recipients and underscores SASSA’s unwavering commitment to providing vital financial assistance.  Stay informed, plan proactively, and leverage the available resources to ensure a more stable financial future.

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