Where Can I Deposit Money for Tymebank?

Where Can I Deposit Money for Tymebank

TymeBank, known for its convenient mobile app and fee-friendly banking, offers ways to add funds to your account. There are several ways to deposit money for Tymebank. Everything you need to know is detailed in this article.

Where Can I Deposit Money for Tymebank?

There are two main ways you can deposit money into your Tymebank account:

Pick n Pay: This is the most popular method for TymeBank cash deposits. Visit any Pick n Pay till point, including express, liquor, and clothing stores. Simply inform the cashier you want to deposit cash into your TymeBank account. There’s an R7 fee per R1000 deposited, with a maximum fee of R35.

Shoprite, Checkers & Usave: TymeBank joins other major South African banks in offering cash deposits at these retailers. Head to the customer service desk and inform them you want to deposit cash into your TymeBank account. Double-check any fees associated with this service, as they may vary from the Pick n Pay option.

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Are there any fees associated with Tymebank cash deposits?

Yes, there is a fee of R7 per R1000 deposited at Pick n Pay, with a maximum of R35. Fees for Shoprite, Checkers, and Usave may differ. Deposits using another bank card through the TymeBank app incur a fee of R10 per R1000 deposited.

How long does it take for a cash deposit to reflect in my Tymebank account?

Deposits at Pick n Pay or retail partners are usually reflected immediately. Processing times may vary depending on the chosen method.

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Do I need a TymeBank account to make a cash deposit?

No, you can deposit cash for someone else’s TymeBank account as long as you have their TymeCode (for Pick n Pay deposits) or their card.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can deposit?

TymeBank doesn’t advertise specific minimums or maximums for deposits. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the retailer (Pick n Pay, Shoprite, etc.) for any limitations on their end.

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Will I receive any confirmation for my cash deposit?

Yes. TymeBank typically sends push notifications or SMS alerts for successful deposits. You can also check your transaction history within the app for confirmation.

Are there any other ways to add funds to my TymeBank account besides deposits?

Yes! You can receive bank transfers from other accounts or use the card deposit option within the TymeBank app (fees apply).


By understanding your cash deposit options, you can keep your TymeBank account funded and enjoy the benefits of mobile banking. Whether you prefer cash deposits at Pick n Pay or other retailers, or a quick transfer using another bank card through the app, TymeBank has you covered.

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