How to Appeal a SASSA R370 Declined for July 2024?

How to Appeal a SASSA R370 Declined for July 2024

SASSA offers different grants to different categories of vulnerable citizens in South Africa. One of these grants is the Social Relief of Distress, SRD, R370 grant provided to eligible citizens as financial support.

Once you apply for this grant, it is important that you keep track of your application by checking your status. However, if you find that you were declined for your July 2024 payment, you need not panic.

This happens more times than you think, and you still have a chance to submit an appeal to try and secure your payment. This article gives a detailed explanation of how to go about this process so your July 2024 payment can be approved. Dive in. 

How to appeal a SASSA R370 declined for July 2024? 

The SRD R370 is one of the common grants provided to support many unemployed South African citizens and help them afford some essential needs. According to SASSA, approximately 10 million people apply for this grant monthly. However, not all get to receive the grant. If you are one of them who received a declined payment for July 2024, you still have the right to appeal. Here are some steps you can take to secure the payment. 

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Understand the reason behind the rejection. 

Before you lodge the appeal, it is important first to find out why your application was rejected in the first place. Some common reasons include that your income was above the threshold, you received other social grants from the government, some of your details on the application were incorrect, or your bank details need verification. 

Gather all your documents. 

You will need some documents as evidence to support your appeal. These documents could include proof of unemployment, affidavits to confirm your financial situation, bank statements, and other relevant documents to help your case. 

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Visit SASSA’s official website. 

Once your documents are ready, visit the official SASSA SRD website at This is where you are required to submit your appeal. 

Fill in your details. 

On the website, you will be required to enter your South African ID number and phone number. Then, request a PIN by clicking on the Send PIN button. The unique PIN will be sent to your phone as an SMS notification. 

Select the month of the declined application 

Choose the month, in this case, July 2024, from the dropdown menu. 

Give a reason for your appeal. 

This is a very important part of the process. You are required to provide the reason why you are appealing and why you think SASSA made a mistake.  Start by stating the reason for the rejection, and then explain why you believe it was a mistake. As evidence, provide the documents you have gathered to help your case. It is important to be clear and concise. 

Upload supporting documents

You can attach documents on the website. Ensure that they are clear copies. 

Submit the appeal 

Review all the information you have provided before clicking on the Submit button. Once submitted, you will receive a reference number that you can use to track your appeal. 

Wait for the outcome. 

SASSA will take some time to review your appeal, so be patient. You can monitor it by checking the status of your appeal on the website. 

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What are the important things to note when appealing for an SRD R370 grant? 

There are a few important things to note before lodging an appeal for your SRD R370 grant. Firstly, appeals are made for individual months—you are required to lodge an appeal for each month that you were declined payment where you feel SASSA made a mistake. Moreover, ensure that your contact information is accurate and well-updated. This is vital for ensuring that you receive timely updates for your appeal and payments. Another thing to note is that the appeal should be submitted within 30 days and not later than 90 days from the day you receive the rejection. 

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What are the tips for a successful appeal? 

When lodging an appeal, it is important for many that it is successful. To help with this, here are some tips to increase your chances. 

Give a detailed explanation. 

Ensure you clearly explain why you believe that SASSA made a mistake in declining your application and how you meet the eligibility criteria. 

Be accurate and honest. 

With the appeal, ensure that you only provide accurate and honest information. If SASSA finds any other discrepancies with your appeal, there will be more complications. 

Seek assistance 

It is important that you seek assistance whenever you come across any difficulty. You can consult a legal aid service or a community organization for guidance. 

Stay informed 

Once you have submitted the appeal, keep yourself updated on any SASSA changes in procedures or grant policies that may affect the appeal. 


Receiving the Declined status on your SRD R370 payment can be stressful and frustrating. Thankfully, it does not mean the end. You still have the chance to appeal, and if you do so diligently, you stand a chance to overturn the decision and finally receive your monthly financial support. That is where this article comes in handy.

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