SASSA Card Declined – How to Resolve

sassa card declined

Let’s talk about why your SASSA card was declined when you were trying to get money. Postbank, the bank handling Sassa grants in South Africa, 

has brought attention to the persistent technical problems affecting SASSA cards. This especially affects those attempting to withdraw funds from ATMs and retail stores, making things inconvenient for grant recipients.

Your SASSA card may be declined due to these reasons: insufficient funds, incorrect PIN entry, expired cards, temporary blocks for security, ATM issues, reaching daily withdrawal limits, and damaged cards. This article explains further in detail why your SASSA card might be declined and gives you step-by-step help to fix the issue.

SASSA Card Declined: Ongoing Technical Issues

Postbank has admitted the inconvenience faced by Sassa grant beneficiaries due to ongoing technical challenges. These issues are primarily responsible for the inability of cardholders to withdraw money from ATMs. And they are working hard to solve them quickly. They’re sorry for any hassle this has caused and want to make sure people can get to their money without any more interruptions.

Possible Reasons for SASSA Card Declines

Ongoing technical issues are the primary cause of SASSA cardholders facing difficulty withdrawing money from ATMs. But there are also other possible reasons for the SASSA card decline like:

  • Not having enough money: First things first, check if you’ve got enough money in your SASSA account to take some out.
  • Incorrect PIN: make sure you’re entering the right PIN for your SASSA card.
  • Expired Card: If your SASSA card has expired, it won’t work. You’ll need a new one.
  • Card Blocked: Sometimes, they block cards temporarily for safety. Call SASSA to sort this out.
  • ATM Problems: If the ATM is acting up, try another one.
  • Daily Limits: SASSA cards have a limit for how much you can take out each day. Check if you hit that limit.
  • Damaged Card: If your SASSA card is worn out or damaged, ask for a new one.

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How to Resolve SASSA Card Decline Issues

To address a declined SASSA card, follow these simple steps:

  • Talk to Your Bank: If your bank is linked to SASSA, call them for help to fix any transaction errors.
  • Call SASSA: If things are still not working, get in touch with SASSA on WhatsApp at 082 046 8553.
  • Check Your SMS: read the messages SASSA sends you to find out why your card got declined.
  • Appeal if Needed: If your card is still not working, call the SASSA helpline at 0800601011 to appeal.

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Why Is My SASSA Card Declined at ATMs?

The main reason your SASSA card is declined at the ATM could be ongoing technical issues with SASSA cards. Also, check for factors like insufficient funds, incorrect PIN entry, expired cards, temporary blocks, ATM problems, reaching daily withdrawal limits, or card damage.

What Should I Do If My SASSA Card Is Declined? 

Firstly, check your account for enough funds and ensure the correct PIN is entered. If issues persist, contact your bank if it’s linked to SASSA. If the problem continues, reach out to SASSA directly, either by checking SMS notifications, contacting them on WhatsApp at 082 046 8553, or calling the helpline at 0800601011 for an appeal.

Can SASSA Help If My Card Is Blocked For Security Reasons? 

Yes, if your card is temporarily blocked, contact SASSA for assistance. They can guide you on unblocking your card and ensuring the security of your funds.

What If My SASSA Card Has Expired? 

If your SASSA card has exceeded its expiration date, it won’t work. Obtain a new card promptly to continue accessing your funds without any issues.


So, if your SASSA card is declined, don’t worry! It could be a simple problem that you can fix. Check your money, enter the right PIN, and if it’s still not working, call your bank or SASSA. They’re working to fix things, and with a little help, you’ll be back to accessing your money without any issues.

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