What is the new Verification Method for SASSA?

What is the new Verification Method for SASSA

The South African Social Security Agency SASSA has been committed to providing financial aid to needy South African citizens through grants. The R350 SRD grant, in particular, has been very helpful among families that do not have a source of income in these tough economic times.

However, one of the main goals of SASSA is that the grants are provided only to deserving people. Therefore, to ensure that the grants are paid to only needy people as well as combat fraud, SASSA introduced a new verification system.

It has set up a facial recognition identity verification to strengthen the process. This has received been received with mixed feelings among members. For more information on the same, read on. 

What is the new verification method for SASSA? 

With a large-scale welfare program such as SASSA, there are always concerns of potential abuse and irregularities. To address these and to ensure fair disbursement of grants, SASSA has taken some measures to improve its verification process for beneficiaries.

Therefore, the agency has introduced a new facial recognition identity verification system for SASSA grants. This is following an increased volume of fraud cases with the SRD grants. This was implemented earlier in the year, where beneficiaries who changed their numbers had to verify their identity using biometric ID verification. This has sparked a lot of alarm among the affected with many unable to access their accounts and grants following this change. 

Part of the new identity verification process includes the receipt of two SMS notifications from SASSA. This is vital for completing the facial recognition process. 

The first message informs the client that they need to undertake facial recognition to proceed with the selected service. 

The second message contains a unique link that prompts the client to initiate the process. It is important to note that the link expires in 72 hours. If during this process you did not receive the SMSs or your link has already expired, you can contact SASSA via their toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11 for assistance. 

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Why is SASSA implementing biometric verification? 

The new system is a significant move by SASSA to ensure the protection of funds. Below are other reasons why it was imperative of the agency to introduce biometric verification. 

Stop fraudulent activity 

A biometric system makes it difficult for fraudsters to successfully breach the SASSA grants system. Through verification of one’s unique identity, SASSA can be sure that only the right deserving citizens receive the grants. 

Smooth application process 

SASSA application process is often lengthy. However, once you verify your identity, SASSA will be able to swiftly approve your application so you can receive your money faster. 

Protect beneficiaries’ information 

Biometrics work to add an extra layer of security to prevent anyone else from tampering with your personal information. 

Streamlined service

The new biometric verification contributes to a more streamlined service. By simply scanning your face, SASSA can quickly access your verified records to give you a smoother and more personalized experience. 

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Who will require SASSA identity verification through facial recognition? 

One measure that SASSA has taken to strengthen its verification process is to introduce facial recognition. This is to curb the rising incidences of fraud with the grants. Those who will be required to verify their identity via facial recognition include:

  • Applicants whose information requires more scrutiny 
  • Beneficiaries who open a Postbank account through the R350 grant program
  • Those who update their mobile numbers 
  • Applicants who request payments through the cash-send method
  • Applicants whose application status is stuck on ‘referred’.

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SASSA has come up with a new biometric verification system in a bid to reduce fraudulent activity related to SASSA grants. This new system affects some of the beneficiaries and applicants as well. This will help the agency to make the entire system more secure and streamlined.

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