How to Check Balance on Tymebank Without App

How to Check Balance on Tymebank Without App

While the TymeBank app offers a convenient way to manage your finances, there are situations where you might not have access to it. Maybe your phone is out of battery, you’re on a limited data plan, or you simply prefer not to download the app. Fortunately, TymeBank offers an alternative method for checking your account balance without the app. This article is a breakdown of the ways you can check your TymeBank balance without needing the app.

How to Check Balance on Tymebank without App

  • Dial the USSD code:  *120*543# or  *130*543#. Both codes work on all major South African cell phone networks.
  • Chat with the Tymebank WhatsApp channel for balance inquiries. Simply save the TymeBank contact number +27 71 670 1241 to your phone and initiate a chat. 
  • Head to a TymeBank kiosk located within Pick n Pay, Boxer, or TFG stores. 
  • Use an ATM.  However, keep in mind that there’s an R2 fee.
  • Reach out to TymeBank’s customer service team. Call them at 0860 999 119 or send an email to

Can I access my Tymebank account online?

No, you cannot directly access your TymeBank account online like you would with traditional banks. TymeBank focuses on mobile banking solutions for a more streamlined and accessible experience. However, TymeBank offers a convenient WhatsApp channel (+27 71 670 1241) where you can interact with a chatbot to perform certain actions like checking your balance or sending money.

Are there any charges for using USSD to check my balance?

No, dialing the USSD code (*120*543# or *130*543#) to check your TymeBank balance is free of charge.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp to check my balance?

TymeBank’s WhatsApp channel is secure. However, it’s important to ensure you’re only interacting with the official TymeBank WhatsApp number (+27 71 670 1241) and never share your PIN within the chat.

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Is there a daily limit for checking my balance using USSD or WhatsApp?

TymeBank doesn’t specify a daily limit for balance inquiries via USSD or WhatsApp. However, it’s always good practice to monitor your account activity regularly for security purposes.

Can someone else check my balance if they know my USSD code or phone number?

No, they cannot. To access your balance information through USSD or any other method, they would need your TymeBank PIN, which should be kept confidential at all times.

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So, the next time you need to check your TymeBank balance but don’t have the app handy, remember you have several reliable options at your fingertips. From the quick and easy USSD service to the personalized touch of customer service, TymeBank ensures you can stay in control of your finances anytime, anywhere.

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