How to Book an Appointment at Home Affairs?

How to book an Appointment at Home Affairs

If you are looking to apply for a new identification or a passport whether as a South African citizen or a foreign national in South Africa, the Department of Home Affairs is where you can get these services. To obtain these essential documents, the first step is always to book an appointment. Traditionally, this was done by physically visiting their offices.

However, the Department’s goal has recently been to reduce long queues. To achieve this, they introduced the Branch Appointment Booking System (BABS) to facilitate easy and convenient appointment booking.

This online booking system is well designed to enable citizens to make their appointments, and the selected Home Affairs offices will offer the respective services. This article is a guide on how you can book an appointment at Home Affairs. 

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How to Book an Appointment at Home Affairs?

Before, the only way to book an appointment with the Department of Home Affairs was to visit their offices and make a long queue with other citizens to get the help you needed.

In their effort to do away with the long queues, the department set up an online platform that was specially tailored for booking services, the Branch Appointment Booking System. It is a system that allows clients to make an electronic booking for their selected services at the Department of Home Affairs.

Now, to book an appointment with this department, you are required to make use of their online booking system, the Branch Appointment Booking System. This is the only way that the selected home affairs offices will process your smart ID or handle your passport application. Pre-booked clients will receive their services at the dedicated counters. 

To book an appointment, 

  • Gather the required documents. Before booking the appointment, ensure that you have all the required documents for the service you seek. These may include proof of residence, identification documents, and other supporting documents. 
  • Visit the Department of Home Affairs website at  
  • Click on Book an Appointment on the homepage, or use the search tab to find the appointment booking page. 
  • Select the service you need. On the appointment booking page, you will be able to view a list of services offered by the department. Choose the one that you need such as Passport application or ID application. 
  • After selecting the service, choose a home affairs office where you want to book the appointment. One consideration is that the office should be at a reasonable distance from your home or workplace for convenience. 
  • Select the date and time. The availability of the slots will be displayed on the website where you are required to select one that fits your schedule. 
  • Provide your personal details. Once your ideal date and time are selected, you will be prompted to provide your personal details such as name, contact number, and email address. Ensure you fill in the correct information. 
  • Review the information provided and confirm that everything is accurate. 
  • Submit the appointment request by clicking on the Submit or Confirm button. You may receive a notification via SMS or email with the appointment details for confirmation. 
  • Attend your appointment on the scheduled date and time and the office you selected. Ensure that you carry with you all the required documents for a smooth and swift process.

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The Department of Home Affairs has set up a new online appointment booking system to ensure convenient booking among South African citizens. Booking an appointment has never been easier—by following the steps above, you will be set to attend your appointment in your convenient time, date, and place. 

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