How to Reverse Tymebank Cash Send

how to reverse tymebank cash send

TymeBank’s Cash Send is a convenient way to send money to anyone with a South African cellphone number. However, mistakes happen, and you might accidentally send money to the wrong person. Unfortunately, unlike some other bank transfers, reversing a TymeBank Cash Send after it’s been initiated isn’t guaranteed.

How to Reverse Tymebank Cash Send

The success of reversing a TymeBank Cash Send hinges heavily on how quickly you react. Here’s what you need to do as soon as you realize you’ve sent money in error:

Contact TymeBank Immediately. Call their helpline at 0860 466 639. This is often the fastest way to connect with a representative.

You can also use the in-app chat function within the TymeBank app. This allows you to explain the situation directly through the app you used to initiate the transfer.

Preferably, send TymeBank a direct message on social media (Facebook or Twitter). While this might not be the quickest option, it offers an alternative if phone lines are busy.

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Can I always reverse a TymeBank Cash Send?

No, unfortunately, reversing a TymeBank Cash Send isn’t guaranteed. It depends on whether the recipient has already claimed the money and how quickly you contact TymeBank.

What should I do if I accidentally sent a TymeBank Cash Send?

Act fast! Contact TymeBank’s support team immediately through their helpline (0860 466 639), the in-app chat function, or social media (Facebook/Twitter).

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What information will TymeBank need from me?

Be prepared to provide the date and time of the transaction, the amount sent, the recipient’s cellphone number (if applicable), and a clear explanation of why you need to reverse the transfer.

What happens if the recipient has already collected the funds?

If the money is claimed, TymeBank likely can’t reverse it. You’ll need to try to recover the funds directly from the recipient by contacting them politely and explaining the situation.

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How to reverse money from TymeBank to Capitec

Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct way to reverse money sent from TymeBank to Capitec once the transfer is initiated. TymeBank Cash Send operates by sending money to a cellphone number, not a bank account. However, you need to contact TymeBank immediately.  Call their helpline (0860 466 639), use the in-app chat, or message them on social media (Facebook/Twitter). Explain you accidentally sent money to a Capitec account (provide the recipient’s phone number if known).

How to reverse money on TymeBank app

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to reverse money directly on the TymeBank app. TymeBank Cash Send operates by sending money to a phone number, and once the transfer is initiated, the app itself doesn’t have a built-in reversal function. However, you should Contact TymeBank Support immediately by dialing 0860 466 639.


If you’re unsure whether you can reverse a TymeBank Cash Send, it’s always best to contact their support team as soon as possible. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action based on your specific situation. Remember, the sooner you act, the higher your chances of recovering your misplaced funds.

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