How to Forgot Password at Norraco Transact?

how to forgot password at norraco transact

Norraco Transact works as a microfinance institution aimed at providing financial services and products to individuals and small businesses. It allows customers to access services and manage accounts online after signing in. This is done by navigating to where you are required to create an account and set a password for your portal. But what happens if you forget the password to your account? This article guides you through everything you need to know about setting or re-setting your password on the Norraco Transact. 

How to set a password in Norraco Transact? 

Norraco Transact allows you to either change your password or set one for the already created account. An OTP will be sent to the contact details already included during signup. In case you suspect any incorrect information, then you are required to contact support. 

It is important to set a strong password, longer than 8 characters with a mix of lowercase, uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Then, type in your ID number and select the option where you will receive the OTP. It takes about 20 minutes to receive the OTP, depending on the signal strength and network speed. Once received, type it in and click on Confirm. Once you have successfully created an account with a password, you can always access the portal anytime by entering your username and password on the login page. 

Anytime you are done with the portal, ensure that you log out securely. This is done by clicking on your profile and selecting ‘log out’. It is advisable never to leave the portal open on a shared or public device. This prevents unauthorized access. 

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How to forgot password at Norraco Transact?

norraco transact forgot password

In the unfortunate event that you forget the password to your Norraco Transact portal, it is possible to reset it. 

On the login page, click on ‘Forgot Password’. This will allow you to re-enter your registered phone number or username. Then you will have to verify this identity with an OTP sent to your phone. From here, you can create your new password and click on Confirm. Now, you can log in with your new credentials and be careful to memorize or store your new password securely.

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How do I know my account is active? 

It is easy to check whether your Norraco Transact account is active. To do this, go to the Norraco Transact portal,, and go to ‘My Profile’. From here, you can check your account status. 

A ‘Still Under Review’ message means that your KYC documents are still being verified. In this case, you can contact Norraco Support. ‘Approved’ or KYC’d’ means that your account is active. ‘KYC Update Required’ means that you are required to update your KYC documents. Here, you can click on ‘Update Documents’. 

How do I update my documents? 

To update your documents, you are first required to navigate to your Norraco Transact portal on . Then, log into your portal using your ID number and password. Capture the OTP sent to your phone number and click on ‘update documents’. Ensure that all your documents are uploaded as image files (jpg, png, gif) and not in other formats like PDF documents. 

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What are the key features of the Norraco portal? 

Norraco Transact has several features that are easy to navigate. The key features include: 

  • Checking your account balances and statement 
  • Applying for quick Norraco loads and overdrafts
  • Updating personal information and settings
  • Transferring funds between Norraco accounts 
  • Paying bills and making third-party transfers
  • Tracking loan applications and repayments 
  • Providing feedback and contacting customer support
  • Receiving e-statements and notifications 

How do I get my NSFAS money? 

To access your money, you are required to navigate to your Norraco Transact portal. Then, enter your ID number and password to log in. Capture the OTP that is sent to your phone number and click on Cash Out for a card-less ATM withdrawal. Alternatively, you can click on EFT to transfer money to your personal bank account. 

How do I contact Norraco? 

There are different ways you can contact Norraco. This can be via their toll free helpline 0800 233 759, whatsapp at 072 557 3085, or email at 


Norraco Transact allows a convenient and simple way to digitally manage accounts. Once you register an account, log in with the right credentials, and navigate through the key sections to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. You can get all the help you need when required, perform transactions, apply for financing, track applications, and update details. All these to achieve better financial management and efficiency. 

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