IEC Voters Registration Status Check

Iec Voters Registration Status Check

IEC made great steps to help ease the registration and election process, making it convenient for South Africans. This was achieved through the introduction of an all-round voter registration portal.

Here, you can register as a voter, update your current voter details, view your current information, find a voting location, request a special vote, or view important election dates. One thing to note, however, is that you are only a registered voter once you have received a confirmation, either via SMS or email.

Still, if you want to check your registration status before the election day, confirm that your name is on the voter’s roll, or which voting station you are registered at, you can check your voter registration status online. Alternatives include using the IEC mobile app or sending your ID number to 32810. To learn more about this, read on. 

IEC Voter’s Registration Status Check

IEC is swamped with preparations as it gears up for the upcoming elections. Thankfully, this commission made it easier for everyone after the introduction of the online registration website. This eliminated the need for making long queues on registration weekends or having to reach out to IEC officials to inquire about your registration status and other related questions.

The registration process is easy thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use website. Once you are done, the commission will send you a confirmation notification via email or text. This way, you can be sure that you are a registered voter. If you are in doubt or just want to confirm your registration details, the same can be done on the website. You can use the tools on the page to check whether you are registered, where you are registered to vote, and other important details. 

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How do I know if or where I am registered? 

To check your registration details, 

  • You can send an SMS of your ID number to 32810
  • Check your voter registration status online 
  • Download the IEC mobile app and input your ID number 
  • Visit your local IEC office during office hours. 

These are all easy and convenient ways to check your voter registration status. 

What is required to vote in national and provincial elections; 

Within South Africa?

It is required of every voter to vote in the voting station they are registered at. To get this and more details, you can check your voter registration status online. If you happen to be outside your voting district on election day, it is possible to vote in another voting station in South Africa. However, if you are outside the province where you were registered, you will not be able to take part in the provincial elections, just the national one. Moreover, you will be required to provide proof of registration if the scanner fails to verify your registration. 

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Outside South Africa? 

For those outside South Africa, you can only take part in the national elections. This can be done at the embassy, high commission, or consulate-general that you selected when you submitted your intent to vote from abroad. 

How do I find my voting station? 

As long as you are a registered voter, you can obtain your voting station details by checking your voter registration status online. If you have not registered, and want to choose the right voting station, you can utilize the Voter Station Finder to locate a suitable one on the map. 

When do I need to re-register? 

IEC strives to ensure that all voters enjoy a better voter experience by easing accessibility to all voting stations and minimizing queues on election day. It is much easier if you register at a voting station that will be convenient for you. However, you may need to re-register if your home address changes or if you are informed about a change in district boundaries. 


What documents do I need to apply for registration? 

Whether you choose to register online or physically, there are a few documents you need to provide to be eligible. These include your South African ID, green, barcoded ID card, smartcard ID, and a valid temporary identity certificate. 

How can I register to vote abroad? 

If abroad, there are two ways that you can register to vote in the national elections. The first option is to register online which is more convenient and can be done anytime. You can do so through the voter registration portal. This portal can be used by both first-time voters abroad and previously registered South African voters who have moved abroad. Alternatively, you can opt to register in person by visiting your nearest South African mission. 


You can only be sure that you are a registered voter if you receive a written confirmation from IEC that your registration was successful. However, you can still monitor your registration details via the 24/7 IEC voter registration portal. Here, you can find all the details you need regarding your voter registration status.

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