IEC Voting Staff Salary – How much does IEC pay per day

IEC Voting Staff Salary

During any election cycle, the IEC is tasked with employing over 200,000 staff to help out in the electoral process. Often, more of the temporary positions are up for grabs. The salary depends on the position held—the temporary positions offer less than R2000 and are paid via non-transferrable cheques.

Some positions are contractual, such as the presiding officers, and their pay is more than R2000. These receive their payment via electronic transfer. If you want to learn more about this, this article is for you.

IEC voting staff salary

With regards to payment of the electoral staff during elections, IEC addressed the matter for the coming financial year. The commission emphasizes that it did not employ civil servants to carry out its work, rather, it employed civilians who were then trained to carry out tasks for the commission before, during, and after the elections.

During a given election cycle, the Independent Electoral Commission employs around 200,000 electoral staff, paying out R260 million to them. The staff is inclusive of managers and data capturers who manage specific voter stations. The commission will only correspond with successful candidates.

To receive payment on time, the staff are required to provide correct details, sign the necessary forms, and give their banking details. Delay or failure to receive payment may be because of failure to do any one or more of the above.

The presiding and deputy presiding officers have a contractual agreement with the commission and their payments, which are in excess of R2000, are paid via electronic transfer. For the remainder of their staff, their payment is less than R2000 and paid via non-transferable cheques.

The temporary contract position will require the person to work over a weekend. Besides that, you will be required to attend a two-day training session before the registration event and also take part in the systems and device testing day. The Independent Electoral Commission is only obligated to correspond with successful candidates.

Applicants will be required to upload their recently updated comprehensive CV and certified copies of qualifications, SARS tax number, recent bank statement, and identity documents.

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How to apply for a voting staff position in IEC?

One of the preparations IEC makes for upcoming elections is to employ voting staff. This is often a temporary position in the administration ranking of the commission. Applications are often invited from qualified candidates for appointment to the election-related positions. Below are the minimum requirements for applicants:

  • He/she must be a South African citizen
  • Must be a registered voter
  • Must not have held political office or been a candidate in an election
  • Must not have been elected to office in an organization with party political affiliations
  • Must have access to mobile telephone number
  • Must have a valid bank account
  • Must have the ability to operate smartphone technology

The competencies required for voting staff include:

  • Must be willing to do online modular training and meet the assessment criteria before consideration for appointment
  • Must demonstrate tact and good people skills capable of dealing with people from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Must demonstrate proven ability to work well under pressure and meet strict deadlines
  • Must demonstrate impartiality and professionalism always
  • Must be willing to undergo face-to-face training

The responsibilities of voting staff include, but not limited to:

  • Supervising the voting station and all registration activities
  • Conducting or assisting with the collection of addresses
  • Conducting and assisting with the operation of the Voter Management Device
  • Tidying or offering assistance with tidying the voting station before and after the voting process
  • Signing or overseeing the signing of attendance
  • Prioritizing voters with special needs
  • Conducting or assisting with aroll-back-related tasks
  • Safeguarding all IEC materials
  • Conducting or assisting with queue management at the voting station

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IEC voter staff employment happens every election year. The commission advertises the positions they want to be filled and allows eligible applicants to send in their applications. There are a few requirements and competencies required of each applicant. The staff carries out the electoral-related tasks and contributes to a successful election in the country.

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    1. You can go to your local municipality, they might have an IEC office there. When you get there, tell them you are applying for a IEC job

  1. I was a Presiding Officer at Ashley Primary School in Pinetown KZN for the 1994 elections. Are there any positions available for the current elections?

  2. Hi.. I worked in mamelodi municipality but didn’t receive my salary according to the contracts that I signed.I worked as VRO and special votes.

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