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In the realm of real estate, there are plenty of complex transactions involving a ton of paperwork and coordination between different parties. And that is where Norraco Transact Login comes in. It is an all-in-one platform where you can buy, sell, and manage properties. This offers the solution that you need to simplify and accelerate your real estate deals. If you want to learn more about the Norraco Transact Login, this is the article for you. 

What is Norraco Transact? 

Norraco Transact is designed as an end-to-end real estate transaction management system that makes the entire process smooth, transparent, and efficient for all parties. Through this platform, you can digitize all your documents, contracts, and related data of a deal, and make them easily accessible through a centralized dashboard. 

Norraco Transact Login also works to facilitate communication between all the parties, from the buyers, and sellers, to brokers, lawyers, and other professionals to streamline deal execution. It utilizes blockchain technology to establish an immutable audit trail and ensure security for all sensitive information. 

How do I get started with Norraco Transact? 

To enjoy all the benefits of the Norraco Transact portal, you first have to register to access it. Thankfully, signing up is quick and easy. 

  • The first step is to create an account. Visit the site to sign up for the plan you need. Here, you will be required to input your name, email, and company details. 
  • Then, add your properties. Enter all the relevant details regarding the properties you wish to buy/sell. You can also upload photos, listings, and related documents. 
  • Invite team members. You can add other professionals to your team such as brokers, lenders, and lawyers who will take part in your deals and assign access. 
  • Manage transactions. You can transact all the events, tasks, milestones, and paperwork that are related to your property transactions through the platform. 
  • Access integrated tools. You can now freely access and utilize the built-in tools for accounting, communications, document storage, e-signatures, and more to close your deals faster. 

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What are the key features and benefits of Norraco Transact? 

Norraco Transact comes in handy in different areas of property deals—virtually everything you need in one platform. 

Secure document sharing

Through Norraco Transact Login, you can safely upload, store, and share your property documents like title deeds. There is advanced encryption to ensure that all data remains secure and private. 

Deal tracking and milestones 

You can track all your tasks, events, and milestones through the platform. It also sends automated alerts on upcoming deadlines so you can keep track of your deals. 

Digital workspaces 

This platform creates shareable workspaces for any property deal allowing all parties to access relevant information when they need to. This eliminates the need for paper contracts and records. 

Broker tools 

There is a vast array of tools for brokers such as CRM, analytics, and listing management tools on the platform. This allows them to find buyers and/or sellers faster, and efficiently close deals. 

Property management 

If you are a landlord with long-term rentals, you can use the tools availed in the platform for tenant screening, rent collection, property accounting, maintenance requests, and lease creation. 

Payments and Accounting 

The platform allows you to manage all your billing, record keeping, payments, and invoicing in a more seamless method with its integrated accounting features.

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Who can use Norraco Transact Login? 

Norraco Transact offers services to a wide range of users involved in property deals. 


Buyers can search place offers, listings, schedule tours, sign contracts, and close deals within Norraco Transact. 


Sellers can list their properties, track offers, and progress, upload documents for due diligence, sign paperwork, and receive payouts digitally.


Lenders are able to receive and evaluate buyer financing applications, issue pre-approvals, and transfer funds digitally through the Norraco Transact Login. 

Real estate agents 

Agents can use the platform’s CRM features to manage clients and listings, negotiate offers, facilitate tours/open houses, and close sales. 

Law firms 

Lawyers can utilize the platform to draft and oversee contracts, closing documents, title transfers, and legal aspects of deals. 

Title companies 

Title companies can electronically handle title searches, lien verifications, insurance policies, closing processes, and escrow services. 


How can I reset my Norraco Portal password? 

In case you forget your Norraco portal password, it is possible to reset it. on the login page, click on Forgot Password and then enter your registered phone number and username. Then, verify your identity using the OTP sent to your phone. From here, you can create and confirm your new password.

Where can I get help for any Norraco portal needs? 

For any assistance regarding payments or other related matters, you can contact Norraco using the toll-free contact 0800 233 759 or use their email at 


Norraco Transact was designed to make real estate transactions more streamlined and efficient for all parties. It consolidates all the aspects of the process in one easily accessible digital platform with all the features tailored to your specific needs. 

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