Why Is SASSA Declining My Application?

why is sassa declining my application

With all the financial benefits that accompany SASSA grants, there are always applications being submitted by South African citizens. Unfortunately, not all the applications go through, and this remains to be a wonder to many frustrated and disappointed applicants. The question, “Why is SASSA declining my application” remains on the lips of hopeful beneficiaries. If that is what you need to know too, this is the article for you.

Why is SASSA Declining My Application?  

SASSA is the body that is responsible for granting different grants to South African citizens depending on need. The grants work as financial aid to shoulder needy families in different areas. In ideal situations, your application gets accepted if it completes all the SASSA policies and checks all the requirement boxes. 

No doubt SASSA is being overwhelmed with thousands of applications every day. But this is not the reason why they are declining your application. It is important that you are aware of the reasons why that may be the case.  

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Insufficient information 

This means that your application is missing some crucial details or lacks supporting documents. 

Alternative income source 

One of SASSA’s eligibility criteria is that you should not have any other alternative source of income. Hence, they meticulously examine your financial situation and income sources. If your regular income exceeds R545 monthly, your application is likely to be declined. 

Existing SASSA grant 

Another of SASSA’s guidelines is that you are ineligible for the R350 grant if you are already a beneficiary of another SASSA grant. This is their way of ensuring a fair distribution of resources among its applicants. 

Other government benefits 

Another eligibility criterion is that you should not be benefiting from any other government programs like UIF or NSFAS. 

Identity verification issues 

SASSA carries a very thorough identity verification process. If any of your details are inaccurate such as missing letters, or misspelt names, you will fail the verification test. 

Age restrictions 

The R350 grant has age restrictions, where applicants should be aged between 18 and 60. Those outside this age range will have their applications declined. 

Fraudulent activity 

SASSA has put measures and policies to prevent fraudulent activities and maintain the system’s integrity. If your application is discovered to be associated with any fraudulent activity, it will be declined. 

Employment and income tax contributions 

If SASSA finds that you are employed and have made income tax contributions, your application will also be declined. 

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What Are the Solutions and Appeals for Grant Approval?

Receiving a declined notification on your SASSA application does not mean that there is nothing you can do. You still have a 90-day window where you can re-apply for the SASSA grant. if your initial application was declined, you still have another chance to reconsider your application. 

Before you reapply, you must identify the reason that necessitated the decline of your previous application. Then, make the necessary changes showing full facts about why you need the financial support. Your application should be stronger, and include accurate information and documentation as per the requirements.

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How to Apply for a SASSA Grant Appeal?

Requesting for an appeal is another go-to option. There are two options that you can choose from. 

Online reconsideration request 

SASSA has an appeal page on its official website (https://srd.dsd.gov.za/appeals) that can be freely accessed online. Once you are in, enter the required details, ie the same phone number and ID number that you used in your initial application. A PIN will then be sent to your registered number. Enter this pin, select the month that you wish to apply, and choose a befitting reason for the appeal. Then, submit your request. 

Telephone reconsideration request

There is a SASSA helpline that you can use to reach out to them. The helpline number, 0800 6010 11, allows you to speak to a SASSA official where you can lodge your reconsideration request. 


Being notified that your SASSA grant has been declined can be very disappointing, to say the least. But this notification does not mean your fate is sealed. Having gone through the different reasons why the agency may have declined your application, you can ensure that you avoid any mistakes that you made and reapply. 

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