SASSA No Declined Outcomes Meaning – How to Fix?

SASSA No Declined Outcomes Meaning

A declined SASSA SRD grant application can be frustrating, to say the least. The application process is in itself takes a lot, from filling out all the forms, providing the necessary information, and then waiting for a response for a month or so.

Hence, the overwhelming disappointment when one receives the ‘declined’ status. However, this does not mean that you give up— as frustrating as it can be, it is important to explore all options. If you are eligible for the grant, you can always submit an appeal for SASSA to reconsider your application. This can be done online through their website or physically visiting their offices.

SASSA constantly has processes that are put in place to determine whether beneficiaries meet their criteria. Hence, with a declined status, an appeal gives you a second chance. Read on to learn more about the same.  

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How do I fix my declined SASSA status? 

It is important to note that there is always a chance to contest a rejection decision made during the grant application. This is done by sending an appeal within 90 days from the rejection notice. 

Before you proceed, it helps to first find out the reasons for the rejection in the first place. This will guide you to address any specific issues in your appeal. Now, to appeal for reconsideration, visit the SASSA appeals website at and enter your ID and phone numbers. You will then receive an OTP on your phone—input this and select the month for which you want to appeal. Give a reason for the appeal and submit the request. From here, you are required to wait to receive the outcome of your appeal. 

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Why was SASSA status declined? 

Besides the obvious reason of ineligibility, your SASSA status can read declined for a number of other reasons. 

Mistakes in the application form 

Some major errors made in the application form could lead to disapproval. Hence, it is advisable to ensure that you counter-check all information provided for accuracy. 

Not meeting eligibility criteria 

The SASSA grants come with a strict eligibility criterion which includes passing a means test. Applying for the grant without meeting any part of the eligibility criteria is a guarantee for rejection. 

Lack of funds 

Since SASSA receives thousands of application in any given month, it is faced with limited funds. Rejections tend to occur when the budget is stretched. 

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How do I know if my R350 appeal is approved? 

If you applied for the R350 grant and your application was rejected, the next step is to file for an appeal. Even with the appeal, it is advisable to keep monitoring the status to know where it stands in the process. This way, you can tell whether your appeal was approved.

You can check the status of your appeal online by visiting the SASSA portal at that is specifically designed for the R350 grant. Enter your login credentials that you used during the application process and then navigate to the appeal section and click on check appeal status. The portal will display the current status of your appeal which could be ‘pending’, ‘under review’, or ‘approved’. 

What happens when approved SRD applications go from no pay date to declined? 

For any grant applicant, it is important to regularly check your status for the outcome. However, if you notice that your status moved from reading no paydate to declined, it may spark some reactions, and it is important you know why. 

According to SASSA, this happened due to further verification which was being carried out on the applicant’s bank account. If upon the verification it was discovered that you earn an income of more than R350 in your account, then this results in your application being declined. Generally, the main requirement for application of the SRD grant is that you do not have any other source of income or other grants. In case a mistake was made in this respect, you can submit an appeal for reconsideration.  


The R350 grant was introduced as a financial means to assist the disadvantaged citizens in South Africa. This applies to the unemployed who do not have any source of income to support themselves and their families. If you fit in this category and have received the declined status, you have the option of submitting an appeal for SASSA to make the changes. 

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