I didn’t receive my Child Support Grant this month

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Have you not received your SASSA child support grant? Do not panic; you’re not alone. Over 70,000 beneficiaries have complained about the same issue. In this article, we will uncover all you need to know and what exactly to do.

Many people count on social grants every month for support. But in April 2024, lots of people faced a problem—they didn’t get their child support social grants. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) explained that a payment issue caused this trouble, affecting a greater number of grant recipients.

Payment Troubles Faced by SASSA Child Support  Grant Beneficiaries

Around 70,000 people who get social grants had problems getting paid in January. This made them upset when their cards didn’t work at ATMs. Paseka Letsatsi, the SASSA spokesperson, explained that the issue happened because of mistakes in bank verifications, like getting names wrong. However, he reassured everyone that SASSA was fixing the problem by reaching out to those affected to correct the mistakes quickly.

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What SASSA is Doing to Help

Letsatsi made it clear that SASSA found all 70,000 people who didn’t get their money and promised they’d get paid soon after being contacted. He told those who hadn’t been paid not to worry and suggested visiting their local post office if they still didn’t get their money.

Concerns from Advocacy Groups

People who used hashtags like #PayTheGrants, and Black Sash got a lot of complaints from everywhere about grants being stopped. Although SASSA said there was no big problem in January, Elizabeth Raiters from #PayTheGrants said SASSA admitted to a “system error” they were fixing. There’s worry about fixing things before the next payment in February, especially since kids are going back to school, and money matters.

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Repeating Issues with SASSA’s Payment System

This isn’t the first time SASSA’s payment system had problems. In September 2023, a “technical glitch” left many without money, causing issues for those using SASSA Gold cards.

Steps to Take if Your SASSA Child Support Grant Payment is Delayed For a Long

It can be frustrating if your grant payment is delayed for too long. Do not panic, here’s what to do:

  • Contact SASSA Helpline:  If you haven’t received your Child Support Grant, the first step is to contact the SASSA helpline. They can provide information on the status of your grant, reasons for any delays, and guidance on how to proceed.
  • Visit the Nearest SASSA Office: If the helpline does not resolve your issue, consider visiting the nearest SASSA office in person. Sometimes, face-to-face communication can expedite the process and offer a clearer understanding of the situation
  • Check for System Updates: Periodically, SASSA may undergo system updates or maintenance, causing temporary disruptions. Check if there are any announcements regarding system maintenance that may be affecting the disbursement of grants.

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While delays in receiving the SASSA Child Support Grant for April 2024 can be frustrating, it’s important to approach the situation calmly and take proactive steps to address the issue.

It’s obvious the payment problem in April 2024 showed how important it is to quickly fix issues for grant beneficiaries. SASSA needs to keep working on solving technical and administrative problems fast to make sure people who rely on social grants can count on their support when they need it.

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  1. I applied for my child on April at sassa ,they did it online application and told me to wait for sms even now nothing,abd I also made changes on banking details

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