How to Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card In 2024

how to withdraw money without sassa card

“How do I withdraw money without a SASSA CARD?” This is a question I get from many people. This has prompted a search for methods to access funds without the physical SASSA card. If you’re in this situation, you’ve landed on the right resource for guidance.

While a significant number of beneficiaries normally access their grants through their SASSA payment card, circumstances may arise where the need to withdraw funds without the card becomes necessary.

In case you misplaced your SASSA card or looking for alternative withdrawal options, I’m here to help you identify the best withdrawal method without using your SASSA payment card.

How To Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card In 2024

Follow these steps to withdraw money from your SASSA account without using the payment card:

1. Use the SASSA Mobile App

 SASSA has embraced technological innovation with the introduction of a mobile app designed to streamline fund access for beneficiaries. 

Here’s an in-depth guide on how to withdraw money from your SASSA account using the mobile app:

  • Download and Install the SASSA Mobile App

Navigate to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone. Search for “SASSA Mobile App” and proceed to download and install the official SASSA app.

  • Register or Log In

Upon opening the app, you should register by providing essential details, including your ID number if you’re a new user. If you’re already an existing user, a straightforward login using credentials is required.

  • Link Your SASSA Account

Once logged in, proceed to link your SASSA account to the app by following the on-screen instructions. This integration step is crucial for accessing your funds through the app seamlessly.

  •  Withdraw Funds

Having successfully linked your account, navigate to the withdrawal option within the app. Follow the prompts provided to execute the transaction. Upon completion, you’ll receive a withdrawal reference number which is used for collecting your funds.

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2. Cash Send Services: Accessing SASSA Funds Without a Card

Cash-send services, provided by renowned companies like Absa, Standard Bank, and FNB, present a hassle-free avenue for beneficiaries to retrieve their SASSA funds without the need for a physical card. 

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the process:

  • Find a Participating ATM

Locate a nearby ATM affiliated with one of the mentioned banks, namely Absa, Standard Bank, or FNB.

  •  Start a Cash Send Transaction

At the chosen ATM, opt for the “Cash Send” or a similar option to begin the transaction.

  • Input Beneficiary Details

Follow on-screen prompts to input the recipient’s details, including their South African ID number and the desired withdrawal amount.

  • Obtain the Cash Send Voucher

Upon successful completion of the transaction, you’ll be provided with a unique voucher containing a reference number for identification purposes.

  •  Collect Your Funds

Take the received voucher to any participating retailer or outlet that offers cash-send services, such as Shoprite or Pick n Pay. Present both the voucher and your ID to the cashier, who will disburse the specified cash amount to you.

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3. Visit Retail Outlets

Retail outlets throughout South Africa have a user-friendly cash withdrawal service for SASSA beneficiaries. And offers a direct and card-free method to access funds. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how this process works:

  •  Locate a Participating Retailer

Identify and visit a retailer or supermarket known for providing SASSA cash withdrawal services. Some options include well-known establishments like Shoprite, Checkers, and Pick n Pay.

  •  Present Your ID and Beneficiary Details

Approach the cashier and express your intention to withdraw funds from your SASSA account. Provide the cashier with your South African ID number and the necessary beneficiary details.

  • Receive Your Cash

Following the submission of the required information, the cashier will process your request. Without the need for a physical card, you’ll promptly receive the requested cash amount. 

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4. Post Office Withdrawals

South Africa Post Office (SAPO) branches provide a convenient option for SASSA beneficiaries to withdraw funds without the need for a physical card. 

Here’s how to go about it:

  •  Visit a SAPO Branch

Identify and visit your nearest SAPO branch. Ensure it is within its operational business hours.

  •  Provide Your ID and Beneficiary Details

Approach the SAPO counter and communicate your intent to withdraw funds from your SASSA account. Submit your South African ID and the beneficiary details to the attending staff.

  •  Collect Your Funds

Once your request is processed by the SAPO staff, you will receive the requested cash amount. 


Is It Safe For Me To Use The SASSA Mobile App For Withdrawals?

Yes, it’s safe for you to use the SASSA mobile app for withdrawals. The SASSA mobile app provides a secure platform for accessing your funds. Download the official app from reputable app stores and adhere to recommended security practices.  Always safeguard your login credentials.

Can I Withdraw My SASSA Funds From An ATM Without A Card?

Yes, you can withdraw your SASSA funds from an ATM without a card. While traditional ATMs normally require a card, certain banks provide cash-send services that enable you to withdraw funds without a card. Locate participating banks such as Absa, Standard Bank, and FNB for this convenient option.

Are There Fees Associated With Cash Send Services Or Retail Outlet Withdrawals?

Some banks and retailers may impose small fees for cash-send services or retail outlet withdrawals. It is advisable to inquire about any applicable fees before proceeding with a withdrawal.

Can I Send SASSA Funds To Someone Else Using Cash-Send Services?

Certainly, you can transfer SASSA funds to another beneficiary using cash-send services. Ensure you follow the same process at the ATM. And provide the recipient’s ID number and withdrawal amount.

Where Can I Replace My Lost SASSA Card?

Visit the South African Post Office branch that is nearest to you,  inform the staff about the lost card, and request a replacement. They will guide you through the required steps, and provide the forms to fill in. Accurately fill out the forms, supplying all requested information.

What Happens If You Don’t Withdraw Your SASSA Money?

If your SASSA funds remain untouched for one month, visit your local SASSA office to cancel. Failure to withdraw for three consecutive months will automatically cancel the grant, with the money returned to SASSA.

Can I Use My SASSA Card As A Debit Card?

Yes, you can use your SASSA card as a debit card. The SASSA Account is connected to a Debit Card, enabling beneficiaries to do electronic transactions wherever a VISA or MasterCard logo is displayed.

How Do I Get A New SASSA Card If It Is Expired?

For SASSA card renewal, visit the South African Post Bank Office branch nearest to you. Bring your current, even if expired, SASSA card and a valid form of identification (e.g., ID book or smart ID card). Inform Post Bank officials of your intention to renew, and they will assist accordingly.


To sum it up, getting your SASSA funds has become easier with different options. You can use the SASSA mobile app, go to certain banks or stores, or visit the South African Post Office without needing a card. Just be careful with the app, check for fees, and you can even send money to someone else. If you lose your card, the Post Office can help you get a new one. If it’s expired, you can renew it there too. Remember, knowing how to use these services can make getting your money simple and hassle-free.

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