How to Collect R350 Grant at ATM without Card 2024

how to collect r350 grant at atm without card

You may be wondering if it’s possible to collect R350 grants at the ATM without a card. Yes, it’s possible.  While the traditional methods often involve the use of a card for accessing this grant, there are alternative means available, and one such method is through ATM.

I provided a step-by-step guide on how to collect the R350 grant at an ATM without the need for a card. Read on!

How To Collect R350 Grants At The ATM without Card

Follow these steps to collect R350 grants at the ATM without a card in 2024:

Identify Participating Banks 

Several banks in South Africa allow the withdrawal of the R350 grant without a card.  The most common are Absa, Standard Bank, and FNB. Begin by locating an ATM belonging to one of these participating banks in your vicinity.

Access the ATM 

Visit the  ATM that belong to any of these participating bank.  Ensure that it is in proper working condition. Most ATMs are available 24/7 and provide flexibility for beneficiaries to access their funds at their convenience. 

Choose the Appropriate Option At the ATM 

Navigate through the options presented on the screen. Look for a menu that allows for grant withdrawals or cash disbursements. The exact word may vary depending on the bank, but commonly, terms like ” cash-send, “Social Grant” or “Beneficiary Payout” are used. 

Enter Beneficiary Details

Start the withdrawal process by providing the necessary beneficiary details. This normally includes your South African ID number and may involve additional security questions to ensure the legitimacy of the transaction.

Receive a Voucher with a Reference Number

 Once the transaction is complete, the ATM will generate a voucher that has your reference number. This serves as a necessary identifier for the withdrawal and is necessary for collecting the funds.

Locate a Partner Retail Outlet 

Go to any partner retail outlet with the voucher in hand. You need to know the partner retail outlets that collaborate with the bank for grant disbursements. Popular options include supermarkets like Shoprite, Checkers,  Pick n Pay, USaver, and Boxer.

Present Voucher and Collect Funds 

Visit the chosen retail outlet and approach the cashier. Inform them of your intention to collect the R350 grant and present the voucher or reference number along with your South African ID. The cashier will process the transaction, and you will receive the funds in cash.

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How Do I Withdraw Money from SASSA R350 ATM?

SASSA payment cards work in  ATMs that display the SASSA, Mastercard, or Maestro logos. 

Follow these steps to  withdraw money from a SASSA R350 payment card at ATMs:

  • Locate an Appropriate ATM

 Identify any ATM that has the SASSA, Mastercard, or Maestro logos.

  • Insert SASSA Payment Card

Insert your SASSA payment card into the ATM.

  • Enter Personal Identification Number (PIN)

 Enter your unique PIN associated with the SASSA payment card.

  • Follow On-Screen Prompts

The ATM will provide on-screen instructions. Follow these prompts to complete the withdrawal process.

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How Do I Change the SASSA R350 Payment Method to Shoprite?

Changing the SASSA R350 payment method to Shoprite can be done in four simple steps:

  • Register

Dial 1203534#, use WhatsApp at 087 240 5709, visit the Money Market counter in-store, or download the Shoprite app to begin the registration process.

  • Sign In and Download Bank Confirmation Letter

After registering, sign in to your Shoprite account and download the Bank Confirmation Letter.

  • Follow the Provided Instructions

The Bank Confirmation Letter will contain instructions on how to proceed with changing your SASSA payout method to Shoprite.

  • Complete the Process

Follow the outlined steps in the Bank Confirmation Letter to successfully switch your SASSA payments to Shoprite.

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Can Someone Collect My R350 on My Behalf?

Yes, someone can collect the R350 grant on behalf of the beneficiary. This person is known as a procurator. To appoint a procurator,  you should abide by the guidelines provided by SASSA for appointing a procurator. And choose a trustworthy individual as your procurator. This is the person who will collect the grant on your behalf when you are unable to do so yourself.

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Collecting the R350 grant at an ATM without a card is an accessible option for beneficiaries. By following these steps and adhering to security measures, you can navigate this process seamlessly.  And get the financial assistance you need.

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