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The wait for a university application decision can be nerve-wracking. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your application, and now you’re eager to know if the University of Johannesburg (UJ) sees you as a good fit for their institution. Thankfully, UJ offers a convenient online system for you to check the status of your application. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about UJ’s application status check process.

How to Check Your UJ Application Status:

To track your UJ application status, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the UJ application status tracker page at https://student.uj.ac.za/status.aspx.
  •  Enter your student number (or ID/passport number) and the admission year in the designated fields. 
  • You’ll also need to solve a simple CAPTCHA (a security measure to distinguish humans from bots).
  •  Once everything is filled in correctly, click “Search”.
  • Voila! The portal will display your application status. It might be helpful to bookmark this page for easy access in the future.

UJ Admission Status Results

The status page will provide you with valuable information about your application’s progress. Here are some possible statuses you might encounter:

  • Pending Review: This status indicates that the University of Johannesburg has successfully received your application. The application is currently undergoing evaluation to determine its completeness and adherence to admission criteria. Applicants are advised to periodically check for updates as the status will remain “Pending Review” until a final decision is reached.
  • Requires Action: When the status reflects “Requires Action,” it means that certain components of the application are incomplete or missing. Applicants should revisit the UJ online application tool to identify and address any unresolved items promptly.
  • Admitted: A status of “Admitted” is a cause for celebration as it confirms acceptance into the desired program at the University of Johannesburg. Some admission offers may come with specific conditions or additional steps that the admitted student must fulfill. Admitted applicants should carefully review any accompanying instructions and proceed accordingly.
  • Provisional Admission: “Provisional Admission” implies acceptance into a program with faculty-specific requirements. Applicants under this status are required to submit any outstanding items listed on their To-Do List. Fulfilling these additional requirements is essential for the final confirmation of admission into the chosen program.
  • Cleared Provisional Admission: Once all faculty-specific admission requirements are met, the status is updated to “Cleared Provisional Admission.” This indicates that the applicant has successfully satisfied all the criteria the faculty sets, and admission to the program is fully confirmed.
  • Ineligible: “Ineligible” signifies that the admission criteria for the specified program have not been met, leading to a denial of admission. Applicants in this category did not meet the minimum requirements necessary for consideration.
  • Quota Filled: The status “Quota Filled” indicates that admission to the program has been rejected because the predetermined quota for that program has been reached. Despite meeting the basic admission requirements, the application was unsuccessful due to program-specific limitations.
  • Canceled: “Canceled” reflects that the application has been withdrawn by the applicant. This status is assigned when an applicant decides to retract their application for personal reasons.

 Factors that can affect UJ application processing time

  • Application Volume: If a program receives a high volume of applications, it might take longer to process each application individually.
  • Missing Documents: If your application is incomplete due to missing documents, it will take longer for UJ to make a decision. Ensure you submit all necessary documents on time.
  • Program-Specific Requirements: Some programs might have additional requirements or assessments that need to be reviewed before a decision can be made.

I don’t have my student number yet. How can I check my application status?

If you haven’t received your student number, you can use your ID number (South African ID) or passport number (international applicants) along with the admission year to log in to the student portal.

My application status says “Documents Received.” Does this mean I’m accepted?

No, “Documents Received” simply means UJ has received the documents you submitted with your application. It’s a good sign, but it doesn’t guarantee acceptance.

My application status has stayed the same for a while. Is there something wrong?

While it’s understandable to be anxious, try not to check your status excessively. Processing times can fluctuate based on program and application volume. If it’s been a significantly long time with no updates, consider contacting UJ.

I received an “Application Unsuccessful” status. Can I appeal the decision?

Unfortunately, UJ doesn’t typically offer appeals for undergraduate applications. However, you can always consider reapplying in the next application cycle, and address any shortcomings in your previous application.

What if I get accepted but need financial aid?

UJ offers various financial aid options, including scholarships, bursaries, and loans. Research these options before your application deadline and explore applying for them if you receive an offer.

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Can I track the documents received for my application?

Yes, the UJ application status portal will display received documents, and you can check whether any additional documents are required to complete your application.

How long does it take for a decision to be made on my application?

The timeframe for a decision varies by department. The application will be examined within the set timeframes, and once the department makes a decision, you will receive an email notification.

Can I apply for multiple programs, and how does it affect my application status?

Yes, you can apply for multiple programs. Each program will have its application status. Ensure you check the status for each program separately on the UJ application status portal.

I applied to multiple programs at UJ. Will I receive separate status updates for each?

Yes, you’ll receive a separate application status update for each program you applied to.

Can someone else check my application status on my behalf?

For security reasons, it’s best to check your application status yourself using your login credentials. However, if you’re unable to access the portal, you can contact UJ Enquiries and inquire about your status,  providing necessary identification details.

After receiving an offer, how long do I have to accept it?

The timeframe to accept an offer will be clearly stated in the offer letter you receive from UJ. Pay close attention to these deadlines to secure your place at the university.

Is there an option to defer my admission if I am unable to start in the upcoming academic year?

 Deferral policies vary by institution. Contact the UJ admissions office to inquire about the possibility of deferring your admission and the associated procedures.

How much is the application fee for UJ?

The good news is that applying to UJ is completely free if you’re applying online!  There’s no application fee for online submissions.  UJ only charges an application fee  (R200)  if you submit a paper-based application form.

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How do you know if you are rejected at UJ?

You’ll find out if you’re rejected at UJ through the UJ Student Portal where you check your application status. In some cases, UJ might send an email informing you about the application decision, although the portal remains the primary source of official communication. While less likely, if a significant amount of time has passed  (beyond the usual processing timeframe) and your application status hasn’t changed, it might be considered unsuccessful. In this case, contacting UJ Enquiries for clarification might be helpful.


Checking your UJ application status is a straightforward process that allows you to stay informed about the progress of your admission journey. Understanding the various status results provides clarity on the evaluation stages. Stay proactive, track your status, and best of luck on your academic journey at the University of Johannesburg!

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