Is SASSA Giving Free Uniforms?

is sassa giving free uniforms

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has recently announced a commendable initiative to distribute free school uniforms to children in various schools across the North West region. This initiative aims to support underprivileged and deserving children, to ensure they do not face barriers to education due to a lack of proper school attire.

Is SASSA Giving Free Uniforms?

Yes, SASSA is distributing free uniforms to students. This was announced on their official X account.

SASSA’s decision to extend the SRD Grant for the provision of free school uniforms demonstrates a commitment to enable talented and needy students to pursue education without hindrance. The government has allocated 50 million for this purpose.

This assistance provided by SASSA includes complete school uniforms, like essential items such as shoes, socks, trousers, shirts, jerseys, and girls’ clothing. The agency believes that by ensuring uniformity in attire, children’s morale will be boosted, facilitating a more positive educational experience.

SASSA School Uniform Registration Process

If you believe you qualify for the free school uniforms, you can start the application process by obtaining a form from the nearest SASSA agency office. The form requires accurate information about the applicant’s details and sources of income. After completing the form, it must be submitted to the SASSA agent for thorough verification through the respective school.

SASSA ensures a stringent verification process, which aims to identify and support those who genuinely meet the criteria for assistance. Upon successful verification, eligible students will receive free school uniforms at their respective schools.

Scam Alert! Protect Your Information

SASSA has issued a crucial warning against scams related to the distribution of free school uniforms. Individuals are advised not to share personal information with anyone, as scammers may exploit this information and misuse it, posing a threat to the SASSA grant funds.

To mitigate the risk of falling victim to scams, it is important to adhere to the official School Uniform Distribution List provided by SASSA. Individuals should be registered through official SASSA channels, and uniforms will be distributed on the designated day at the school. Always avoid misinformation from social media or other sources and refrain from sharing personal information.

How To Seek Assistance From SASSA

In case of any issues or concerns, you can contact the SASSA toll-free number, 0800601011, to address grievances. This ensures a direct and reliable channel for resolving problems related to the free school uniform distribution process.


SASSA’s initiative to provide free school uniforms reflects a commitment to foster equal educational opportunities for all children, especially those facing financial hardships. However, individuals are urged to remain vigilant and follow the official registration process to avoid falling victim to scams. By prioritizing the protection of personal information, the community can collectively contribute to the success of this meaningful initiative.


Who Is Eligible To Receive Free School Uniforms From SASSA?

SASSA provides free school uniforms to poor and deserving children who meet the prescribed standards in designated schools across the province.

What Items Are Included In The Free School Uniform Assistance Provided by SASSA?

The assistance includes complete school uniforms, covering essential items such as shoes, socks, trousers, shirts, jerseys, and girls’ clothing

How Does SASSA Verify The Eligibility Of Applicants for Free School Uniforms?

SASSA conducts a thorough verification process, including validation through the applicant’s school. If the verification confirms eligibility, the individual will be provided with free school uniforms.

Is There a Risk Of Scams Related to SASSA’s Free School Uniform Distribution?

Yes, there is a risk of scams. SASSA advises individuals not to share personal information with  anyone to prevent misuse by scammers. It is essential to follow the official distribution list and avoid misinformation from unofficial sources.

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