Breaking News: SASSA Cash Points Closing Soon

sassa cash points closing soon

Big news from SASSA! Starting January through March 2024, SASSA is closing down all their Cash Points. If you’re getting your money from there, you need to pay attention. This article breaks it down for you, why it’s happening, what it means for you, and where to get more information.

SASSA Cash points Closing: January to March 2024

SASSA is making big changes, and it involves shutting down all the Cash Points. This transition is happening from January to March 2024. If you’re used to going to these points to get your cash, things are going to be different, and it’s good to know what’s up during this time.

why is sassa closing its cash points

Why Is SASSA Closing Its Cash Points?

The choice to stop cash payments at Post Offices was to make things better for people receiving grants. Several problems grant recipients deal with when getting their money from these places. These include risks like cash-in-transit heists, not-so-great conditions at the payment points, and the Post Office having problems like closing down or not having enough space. By doing this, SASSA and Postbank want to show their beneficiaries other ways to get their money through National Payment Systems (NPS) access channels. This way, they can be more active in solving these problems.

How It Affects SASSA Beneficiaries

The closing of Cash Points will undoubtedly affect the millions of beneficiaries who depend on them to access their social grants. For those accustomed to receiving cash payments directly from these points, alternative arrangements must be made promptly.

What You Can Do As A SASSA Beneficiary

Don’t worry; there are other ways to get your money. SASSA suggests looking into things like bank transfers, ATMs, or other electronic ways. It might be different, but with a bit of information, you can keep getting your money without any problems.

Where to Get More Information 

For all the details about these CashPoint closures, go to the SASSA website at Everything you need to know is right there. You can also reach out to SASSA directly by calling the toll-free helpline at 0800 60 10 11. They’ll help you out and answer any questions you have.


Do Gold Cards Have An Expiration Date?

Be rest assured, SASSA and Postbank want to make it clear that Gold Cards won’t expire. They will stay valid well past December 2023, extending into 2024. Despite the rumors circulating about these cards going away, grant recipients can count on being able to use the card for social grant payments until there’s any change. This underlines SASSA and Postbank’s dedication to making sure grant recipients keep getting improved and uninterrupted access to their services.

What Alternatives Are Available For Beneficiaries To Access Their Funds?

Beneficiaries are encouraged to use alternative options such as bank transfers, ATMs, or electronic methods for accessing their social grants. SASSA emphasizes the importance of familiarizing oneself with these alternatives during the transition period.


Change is happening at SASSA, and it’s good to be in the know. Even though the Cash Points are closing, there are other ways to get your money. Check out for the latest updates and information. If you prefer to talk to someone, call 0800 60 10 11. And don’t forget to follow SASSA  on social media to stay connected. Let’s face these changes together!

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