SASSA Change Banking Details for R350 to TymeBank

sassa change banking details for r350 to tymebank

Do you need your R350 grant deposited straight into your TymeBank account? Great choice!  SASSA allows beneficiaries of the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant to update their banking details if needed. This article guides you through the process of changing your  SASSA banking details to receive your grant directly into your TymeBank account.

How to Change Your SASSA R350 Banking Details to TymeBank

  1. Head to SASSA SRD Website:
  2. Look for a section labeled  “Update Banking details.”
  3. Enter your South African ID number.
  4. An SMS containing a secure link will be sent to your registered phone number.
  5. Click the link in the SMS. This grants temporary access to a secure page for updating your details.
  6. Choose the option to update banking details and select “Bank Account” as the payment method.
  7. Enter TymeBank Information: Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Bank Name: Choose “TymeBank” from the list.
  • Branch Code: Since TymeBank operates digitally, enter “0000” here.
  • Account Number: Enter your unique 10-digit TymeBank account number.
  1. Review all information carefully before submitting the update request.
  2. You’ll receive an SMS confirming the successful update.

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What are the Benefits of Using TymeBank for SASSA Payments

  • Convenience: TymeBank offers a fully digital banking experience, allowing you to access your funds through the user-friendly TymeBank app anytime, anywhere.
  • No Monthly Fees: Unlike traditional bank accounts, TymeBank accounts have no monthly account maintenance charges, making it a cost-effective option.
  • Nationwide Access: You can withdraw your grant cash at any Pick n Pay supermarket or Boxer store nationwide using your TymeBank card.

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Is there a fee to update my SASSA banking details to TymeBank?

No, there is no fee associated with updating your SASSA banking details to TymeBank.

Do I need a physical TymeBank card to receive my grant?

Not necessarily. While a TymeBank card allows for ATM withdrawals at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores, you can still access your grant funds electronically through the TymeBank app for online payments and money transfers.

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What if I don’t receive an SMS with the secure link after entering my ID number?

There could be a few reasons for this. Double-check that you entered the correct ID number and ensure the phone number linked to your SASSA application is still active. If you’re certain the details are correct, you can contact SASSA for assistance by dialing 0800601012.

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Can I switch back to a different bank account in the future if I no longer want to use TymeBank?

Yes, SASSA allows you to update your banking details again if needed. You can follow the same process outlined in the article to switch your account back to a different bank in the future.


By following these steps, you can easily update your SASSA banking details and receive your R350 grant conveniently in your TymeBank account. Remember, if you encounter any difficulties during the process, you can reach out to SASSA for assistance.

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