How to Change SASSA SRD to Retail Stores

how to change sassa srd to retail stores

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers the SRD grant (Social Relief of Distress Grant) to help those facing financial hardship. If you’re an approved beneficiary, you can choose how you receive your R350 monthly payment.

While there are several payment methods, you might prefer the convenience of collecting your grant at a nearby retail store. This article guides you through the simple process of changing your SRD payment method to retail stores.

Before You Begin:

  • Have your South African ID or asylum document handy.
  • Know the registered phone number you used for your SRD application.
  • Access to a computer or smartphone with an internet connection is helpful.

How to Change SASSA SRD to Retail Stores

Follow these steps to change your SASSA SRD payment method to retail stores:

  • Visit the SASSA SRD Website: Head to the official SASSA SRD website: Look for the section titled “How do I change my banking details?” and click on it.
  • Verify Your SRD Account: Enter your South African ID number in the designated field. You will also need to provide your registered phone number for further verification. Click “Submit” and follow any on-screen instructions.
  • Receive and Click the Link: SASSA will send a one-time password (OTP) via SMS to your registered phone number. Enter the OTP in the provided field on the website. This verifies your identity and grants you access to update your payment method.
  • Choose “Change Payment Method”: Once verified, you’ll see various options for receiving your SRD grant. Look for the section labeled “Change Payment Method”. Click on it to proceed.
  • Select “Retail Stores”: From the available payment methods, choose “Retail Stores.” This will display a list of participating retailers where you can collect your grant in cash. Options include Checkers, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Boxer, and others.
  • Confirm and Submit: Carefully review the information on the screen, ensuring you’ve selected “Retail Stores” as your desired payment method. Once confirmed, click “Submit” to finalize your choice.

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Collecting Your SRD Grant at Retail Stores

After changing your payment method, follow these steps to collect your SRD grant at retail stores:

  • Wait for Confirmation: You’ll receive an SMS notification from SASSA confirming your payment method change. It might take a few days for the change to be reflected in the system fully.
  • Check Your SRD Status: Before heading to the store, use the SASSA website to confirm your grant approval for the current month. This ensures you avoid unnecessary trips.
  • Visit a Participating Retailer: Locate a nearby participating retailer from the list you saw during the online change process. Visit the store during their operating hours, normally weekdays from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Approach the Teller: Inform the cashier that you’d like to collect your SRD grant.
  • Provide Required Documents: Show your valid South African ID or asylum document, along with the confirmation message (SMS or printed) you received from SASSA.
  • Confirm Phone Number: The store staff might ask you to confirm the phone number registered with your SRD application.
  • Receive Your Cash: Once everything is verified, the cashier will process your request and provide you with your R350 grant in cash.

SASSA SRD Available Payment Options

SASSA provides multiple options for collecting the SRD grant, each catering to different preferences and needs. The available payment options include:

  • Personal Bank Account: This is usually the most preferred method, which ensures direct deposit into the beneficiary’s bank account. It provides flexibility for withdrawal or spending as needed.
  • CashSend to Mobile Services: This allows beneficiaries to receive funds directly to their mobile phones. It’s a convenient and efficient way to access funds.
  • Supermarkets (Checkers, Pick n Pay, Boxer, USave, and Shoprite stores): Offers the option to collect the grant at various retail outlets. It reduces the need to visit physical payout points, saving time and effort.

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Benefits of Using the Retail Money Account

For beneficiaries opting to receive their SRD grant at retail stores, the Retail Money Account has many benefits which include:

  • It is easily affordable. Retail money accounts are the most affordable transactional bank accounts in South Africa.
  • No monthly fees, with only a minimal R5 charge for withdrawals.
  • Zero fees for essential services. No fees for purchasing airtime, data, electricity, or conducting other essential transactions via mobile devices.
  • Has incentives for the first deposit. Beneficiaries receive supermarket vouchers up to R100 on the first deposit of an SASSA grant worth R800 or more into the Money Market Account
  • It’s very accessible. With over 25,000 till points across retail outlets, beneficiaries can avoid long lines at Post Office branches during grant payout days.


  • Keep a copy of your updated payment method confirmation for future reference.
  • Be aware of queues at retail stores, especially during peak hours.
  • If you encounter any difficulties, contact SASSA for assistance. Their contact details are available on their website.

By following these simple steps, you can conveniently change your SRD payment method to retail stores and collect your grant in cash at participating locations near you. Remember, this process requires internet access and your valid identification documents. If you face any challenges during the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to SASSA for support.

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