SASSA Payment Dates For September 2024

sassa payment dates for september 2024

Are you wondering when you’ll receive your SASSA grant for September 2024? Look no further! This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of the expected payment dates for various SASSA grant categories, including Older Persons, Disability, and Children’s Grants.

SASSA Payment Dates For September 2024

Grant CategoryPayment Date
Older Persons GrantTuesday, September 3rd
Disability GrantsWednesday, September 4th
Children’s Grants (including Child Support Grants, Foster Child Grants, and Care Dependency Grants)Thursday, September 5th

What if my SASSA September grant payment isn’t reflected on the scheduled date?

Wait a few business days. If you receive your grant electronically, there might be a slight processing delay between SASSA releasing the funds and your bank reflecting them. If the delay persists beyond a reasonable timeframe, contact SASSA to inquire about the reason for the delay.

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When do new SASSA grant applicants receive their first payment in September 2024?

Processing times for new applications can vary. Even if approved in August, you might receive your first grant in September or possibly October. SASSA should provide an estimated timeframe during the application process.

Can I change the way I receive my SASSA grant?

Yes, you can request a change in your payment method. Contact your local SASSA office to inquire about the process and complete the necessary paperwork.

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Will there be any changes to the SASSA grant amounts in September 2024?

SASSA grant amounts are reviewed periodically by the South African government. Announcements about any adjustments for September 2024 might be made through official channels closer to the date.

Can I collect my SASSA grant early for a vacation?

Unfortunately, SASSA doesn’t typically allow early collections outside the designated payment dates. You might arrange for someone to collect on your behalf. With proper authorization from SASSA (which might involve completing specific forms), a trusted person can collect your grant on your behalf during the designated paydays.  Alternatively, If you currently receive your grant in cash, consider changing to an electronic bank transfer. This might allow you to access the funds sooner as banks might process them before the official SASSA payment date.

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What are the Safe Alternatives to SAPO Cash Payouts?

You can consider switching your SASSA grant payment method to an electronic transfer into a secure bank account. This can minimize the risk associated with carrying cash.


By following the information in this article, you should be well-equipped to determine your SASSA grant payment date for September 2024 and address any questions or concerns that might arise. With a little planning and the resources provided, you can ensure timely access to your SASSA grant.

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