How to Change IEC Registration Address

IEC registration change address

The upcoming South Africa elections are bound to determine how the country will be run in the next five years. Hence, all citizens need to participate.

Registrations will be closed a few days to the elections but although you are already registered, it may be that you are not registered to vote at your nearest voting station. This is often the case if you have moved since the last elections, or since the last time you updated your registration details.

Thankfully, IEC has made it possible for everyone to conveniently change their voter’s roll details online, and this in just a matter of minutes. This article shows you how.

IEC registration change address

As IEC prepares for the upcoming elections, there is a need for the voter’s roll to be as accurate and as inclusive as possible. One way the commission has been able to achieve this is by coming up with a voter registration portal.

This has made it easier for all voters to correct their details and continuously update them. Moreover, new voters can be easily added to the roll, including anyone who has reached the age of 16, South African citizens who had not registered before, or anyone who has become a new South African citizen. 

On top of that, it is required of every voter to update their information, especially if you have changed your address or your surname (if recently married). 

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How do I change my voter registration address online? 

As mentioned above, one reason why you may need to re-register or are required to update your registration details is when you change your address. Thankfully, this is an easy process and is as follows: 

To change your address, you are first required to create a profile on the IEC portal. Navigate to and then click on ‘Create user profile now’. 

You will then be directed to a signup page, where you will be required to fill in additional details. Choose a means of confirmation as either your cellphone or email and then complete the process by clicking on the Create Profile button. After this, you will receive an OTP on the confirmation option you selected, which you are required to input on the field. After that, you will be directed to a password page where you are allowed to create a strong password for your account. The last registration page is where you are required to check and confirm your details. The commission will send you a confirmation message to show that you have successfully registered as a voter.

When it comes to changing your details, log into your account where you will be taken to your details page. On this page, you will be able to view your current voter registration details, current voter address, municipality details, and ward councilor. To change your address, click on the ‘Edit/Update Address’ button. You will be given three options to change your address: 

  • Insert/update your address 
  • Search for your address
  • Use the map to locate your address 

Once you submit this, you will receive a warning notice that informs you that your voting district is going to change. Tick on the most suitable box and click on Accept. Select Yes to submit your new address. After this, you should receive an official verification document signed by IEC’s Chief Electoral Officer confirming the changes you have made to your address. 

Within an hour from submission, you address details should be updated. Note that this will automatically change your voting station to one that is closest to your new place of residence. You can confirm these changes by logging into your account on


Is there a deadline to register?

Before, voter registration was only done on registration weekends during office hours. With the new IEC voter registration portal, registration is continuous and can done any day, anytime. However, there is a cut-off for registration for every election. Once the president proclaims the election, the voter’s roll is sealed and only those voters that appear in the roll at that time will be allowed to vote. 

Why is it important to include my address during registration? 

It is required by law and in the Constitution that voters record their current places of residence as a way of ensuring the integrity of the elections. Therefore, IEC takes your address to know which ward and voting district you are voting from. 

How do I know that I am registered? 

You will receive a confirmation receipt from IEC when you register. Moreover, you can always check your registration status online. You can also send an SMS your ID number to 32810 and you will receive a notification bearing the name of the voting station you are registered to. 


IEC launched an online voter registration portal that allows new voters to register and for existing voters to update their details conveniently. It is important to note that you must be registered to vote where you live—if you have already registered, you can use the portal to check and update your address. 

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