Budget 2024: R100 Increase for SASSA Old Age Grant From April

budget 2024 r100 increase for sassa old age grant from april

In a welcome announcement during the 2024 Budget Speech, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana revealed an R100 increase for the SASSA Old Age Grant, effective from April 1st, 2024. This news brings much-needed relief to South Africa’s most vulnerable population, who often struggle to make ends meet amidst rising living costs.

Budget 2024: R100 Increase for SASSA Old Age Grant From April

Here’s a breakdown of the Increase for the SASSA old age grant. The R100 boost will be implemented in two phases:

  • R90 increase starting in April 2024.
  • Additional R10 increase following in October 2024.

Final Amount: After this increase, the SASSA Old Age Grant will reach R2,190 per month.

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How The Increase Will Help SASSA Old Age Beneficiaries

  • Improved living standards: This increase, while not completely offsetting inflation, provides some breathing room for the aged ones to afford necessities like food, healthcare, and utilities.
  • Economic boost: Increased spending power among grant recipients can have a positive impact on local businesses and stimulate the economy.
  • Acknowledgment of challenges: This decision recognizes the difficulties faced by older South Africans and aims to address their financial concerns.

Are Other SASSA Grants Getting Increases Too?

Similar increases were announced for Foster care, Child support, Disability, and Care Dependency grants, also beginning in April.

  • Foster care grant: An R50 increase will further support those caring for children in need.
  • Child support grant: A smaller R20 increase was announced for this grant.
  • Care dependency grant: a big increase of R100 just like the Disability grant.

What People Think About the SASSA Old Age Grant Increase

  • Relief and appreciation: Many seniors and organizations representing them expressed gratitude for the increase, acknowledging its positive impact.
  • Calls for further action: Some argue that the increase is insufficient, considering the significant rise in inflation and basic living costs.

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Will There Be More Increases For The SASSA Old Age Grant?

There may not be any more increases. Anyway, the government will need to monitor the impact of these increases and consider further adjustments if necessary.

The Long-Term Plan To Help SASSA Beneficiaries

Many people argue that increasing the SASSA old age grant is unnecessary. Addressing systemic issues like poverty and social security reform is more important for sustainable support for vulnerable people.

The R100 increase for the SASSA Old Age Grant is a positive step towards alleviating the financial burdens faced by millions of South African seniors. However, it’s important to acknowledge the ongoing challenges and strive for more comprehensive solutions to ensure their well-being and dignity.

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  1. Though insignificant compared to cost of living, and a double-edged sword for gullible consumers of rising food and transport and interest rates….

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