CSIR Vacancies 2024 Application Form and Requirements

csir vacancies

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is a leading science and technology organization in South Africa. For many South Africans with a passion for innovation, a CSIR vacancy represents an exciting chance to contribute to groundbreaking research and development. This article equips you with the knowledge to navigate the CSIR’s recruitment process, explore available CSIR vacancies, and position yourself as a competitive candidate.

About CSIR

The CSIR is the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. It is a premier research and development organization in South Africa. They offer a variety of research and technological services. Some of the areas of research they focus on include advanced agriculture, next generation health, and smart mobility.

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CSIR Vacancies

Job TitleLocationClosing Date
Artificial Intelligence (AI) EngineerScientia – Pretoria (Hybrid)26-Apr-2024
Chief Researcher Smart MobilityScientia – Pretoria (On-site)08-May-2024
DevOps EngineerScientia – Pretoria (Hybrid)06-May-2024
Electronic Engineer Defence and SecurityScientia – Pretoria (On-site)08-May-2024
Electronic Engineer: Analog/Radio FrequencyStellenbosch (Hybrid)03-May-2024
Enterprise Architect ICT ServicesScientia – Pretoria (Hybrid)09-May-2024
Group Manager: FinanceScientia – Pretoria (Hybrid)11-May-2024
Internship: Biomanufacturing ChemicalsScientia – Pretoria (On-site)02-May-2024
Media Manager CommunicationsScientia – Pretoria (On-site)06-May-2024
Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Biomanufacturing ChemicalsScientia – Pretoria (Hybrid)15-May-2024
Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Pharmaceutical Technologies (One-year contract)Scientia – Pretoria (On-site)07-May-2024
Properties SupervisorScientia – Pretoria (On-site)29-Apr-2024
Research Group Leader: Digitial Optronics ResearchScientia – Pretoria (Hybrid)13-May-2024
Senior Backend Software Developers: Spatial Information SystemsScientia – Pretoria (On-site)30-Apr-2024
Senior Researcher: Climate and Seasonal ForecastingScientia – Pretoria (Hybrid)01-May-2024
Signal AnalystScientia – Pretoria (On-site)20-May-2024
Specialist Senior Counsel: CommercialScientia – Pretoria (On-site)17-May-2024

What documents are required for the CSIR NET application form?

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): This document outlines your education, work experience, skills, and achievements.
  • Cover Letter: This expresses your interest and highlights relevant qualifications.
  • Certified Copies of Educational Qualifications: Copies of degrees, diplomas, or certificates relevant to the position.
  • Proof of Experience: Letters of recommendation, certificates for relevant training courses, or performance appraisals (if applicable).

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How to Apply For CSIR Vacancies

  1. Head to the CSIR Careers webpage (https://www.csir.co.za/vacancies).
  2. Review the listed vacancies by scrolling through the current openings.
  3. Click on the vacancy title that interests you most.
  4. Carefully read the vacancy description. This section outlines the position’s responsibilities, required skills and qualifications, location, and the closing date.
  5. Look for a button next to the vacancy title “View/Apply”
  6. The button will direct you to an online application form on the CSIR website. Be ready to provide details like your contact information, education history, and work experience.
  7. There will also be further instructions like uploading documents like your CV, cover letter, and relevant certificates.
  8. If the vacancy mentions “Recruitment Agencies” in the details, applying might involve contacting a separate recruitment agency partnering with CSIR. Look for contact information for the agency within the vacancy description.

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The CSIR vacancies represent an opportunity to be at the forefront of scientific advancement in South Africa. By leveraging your skills and aligning them with the CSIR’s research focus, you can contribute meaningfully to shaping a brighter future. So, don’t hesitate – apply for the CSIR vacancies and become part of the CSIR’s groundbreaking legacy.

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